Top 5 Questions Agents Ask When Making a Switch

We’ve surveyed hundreds of agents at other real estate companies and these are the top 5 questions they ask when considering a brokerage change. Read on to see why our answers have revolutionized the real estate industry and agent experience.

How good is the support for agents?

This is where Worth Clark absolutely shines. Based on hundreds of agent reviews, we believe there isn’t another real estate company out there today that provides better support to their agents. This is by far the biggest reason we see agents at other companies looking into better options for themselves. Well, that and compensation.

Agents at Worth Clark are provided with access to a dedicated support team seven days of the week! Contrast our on-demand support with the vast number of brokerages that still operate with a single managing broker, who is responsible for the bulk of day-to-day operations AND agent support. Sure, they may have an assistant or two at a busy office (or some help from Corporate), but they generally fall behind as they’re overloaded. The agents are then left to suffer. The average agent support response time at other brokerages is generally 2-4 days, or longer! At Worth Clark, our local managing brokers are available for an agent to call, text or email 7 days of the week to assist with our agent’s contract questions and transactional issues. This reliable support structure is continually ranked by our agents 9+ out of 10 every six months.

What’s the split and how many other fees do I have to pay?

Wouldn’t it be great if a real estate agent could keep ALL of their commission? A novel idea, we know. Most companies take a large split out of their agent’s commission, in addition to franchise fees, monthly fees, etc. How do agents survive if (after taxes) they send 30-40% back to the brokerage? Mind-boggling!

When an agent closes a deal at Worth Clark Realty, they get to keep all of their commission. That’s right, 100%! This commission structure gives agents the ability to thrive and maximize their growth potential and is a big contributing factor to our incredible growth. Agents deserve more, and we give them more where it impacts them the most… their bank account. Worth Clark Realty drives revenue through other means such as modest transaction fees and annual dues, lead programs, mentorship, and beneficial partnerships. All designed to help the agent succeed.

Are there any restrictions and/or requirements I need to be aware of?

We don’t believe in hampering our agent’s ability to do business. In fact, it’s why Worth Clark Realty got started in the first place. Even as recently as a decade ago, there were virtually no options for agents except for the traditional brokerage model. We give agents the bargaining power and freedom from brokerage restrictions which ultimately hamper their ability to grow. We don’t believe in fee requirements with clients, and we most certainly don’t believe in mandatory sales meetings, office floor time, etc.

WCR is a virtual brokerage model for the modern real estate agent. We accent our agent-first approach with tools like our Happiness Guarantee and For Sale by Owner Option among other options that our agents can use to close more deals and effectively beat out the agent-to-agent competition.

Will I get leads?

The million-dollar question. Will I get leads? Many companies promise agents the world during the recruitment phase and then don’t deliver on those promises. So, what are some of the ways agents at Worth Clark receive leads?

We offer proven, multiple brokerage sponsored lead programs agents can participate in immediately upon joining the company. Providing the punch to our lead program though is our smart CRM system that equips agents with a bevy of lead generation tools and constant training on how to best utilize those tools. Additionally, state-of-the-art websites, out-of-area referral networking, social media training, and actual hands-on training to generate leads are just a few of the other tools agents receive at Worth Clark.

Do you have ongoing training available to agents?

This is a big one. Agents want and demand constant ongoing training. It’s a primary component of agent success. Often, when an agent joins a brokerage, they’re left in the dark. Sure, the onboarding phase was exciting. But what does my brokerage provide me to keep me in the loop, help me stay focused, and close more deals? Agents constantly find themselves asking these questions.

This is another area where Worth Clark Realty excels. It’s important to have camaraderie and cohesiveness at a real estate brokerage. Agents want to be taught, to learn, and to be a part of something bigger. In addition to our live and on-going brokerage sponsored training, our valuable partnerships provide recurring training as well. We utilize Facebook groups and all of the contact methods available to ensure agents receive the training. It’s live, virtual, available on-demand, and distributed via multiple channels so that even our busiest agents are able to access training methods that work for them within their hectic day-to-day life. Additionally, we provide training to new licensees, a dedicated mentor to assist them with their transactions, and all the things you’d expect from a nationally recognized firm.

Worth Clark Realty is also very team-friendly, provides an amazing in-house technology package through various partnerships and even stock options through our Agent Ownership Program.

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