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Steven Barks

President & COO

What I'm doing: Pedaling a bike, walking the dogs, or pushing a stroller.

Matt Johnson CEO Worth Clark

Matt Johnson


What I'm doing: Riding/running/getting a WCR tattoo. Hopefully embarrassing my kids, and crafting the perfect cocktail.

Ryan Michaelis – Profile Photo 1

Ryan Michaelis


What I'm doing: Rooting on my hometown Orioles (let's go O's!) and probably outside playing catch with my boys... all while plotting the next market for WCR to enter.

Jessica Elliott new1

Jessica Elliott


What I'm doing: Eat, sleep, take kids to sports, repeat 🙂 #Boymom

Ryan Hazelwood – Profile Photo 1

Ryan Hazelwood

Director of Operations

What I'm doing: I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

Amy headshot

Amy Myers

Head Of Agent Services & Compliance

What I'm doing: Planning my next getaway, watching reality TV & hanging with my dogs, Bentley & Denver. Woof!

Andrew Peters

Andrew Peters

Agent Services Analyst

What I'm doing: Quietly opening a snack so the wife doesn't hear and give me the side-eye!

Rachel Waller Headshot

Rachel Waller

Agent Services Analyst

What I'm doing: Running my son around with school/sports and taking care of my mini farm.

Emily Flett

Emily Flett

Recruiting Coordinator

What I'm doing: Snoozing in the sunniest spot of the house with my cats, Oscar and Murphy.

Brooke Marchi

Brooke Marchi

Funding Analyst

What I'm doing: Playing outside with my boys and spending time with family and friends.

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Kate Notz

Digital Marketing Specialist

What I'm doing: Worshipping Jesus, playing with my adorable niece, hanging with my hubby, and spending time with family.

Kristen headshot white background (3)

Kristen Newman

Talent Acquisition Specialist

What I'm doing: Out adventuring somewhere with my kids making family memories.

Tammie Heckenkamp square headshot

Tammie Heckenkamp

Office Support Specialist

What I'm doing: Spending time with family and friends, trying new restaurants and traveling.

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Dacia Strickland

Managing Broker | Alabama

What I'm doing: Spending time with my husband, friends, kids, and grandbabies!!

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Karie Arem

Managing Broker | Carolinas

What I'm doing: Hanging out with my husband and dogs (all 5 of them!), working outside or swimming when it's nice weather, and when it's not, binging some reality TV!

Clark Hess headshot white background

Clark Hess

Managing Broker | Colorado

What I'm doing: Watching The Office (again...), riding my dirt bike, hiking, and enjoying time with my family.

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Shelly Mowry

Managing Broker | Kansas & Missouri

What I'm doing: Chasing my boxer puppy, two grandkids, or real estate business.

Holly Hunter new2

Holly Mueller-McCrorey

Managing Broker | Missouri

What I'm doing: Rounding up my teenagers, snuggling with Stormy (an Old English Sheepdog), or answering calls from agents!

Jackie South Headshot (2)

Jackie South

Managing Broker | Oklahoma & Texas

What I'm doing: Camping out at the baseball fields watching my oldest play ball, listening to live music, and managing the circus, AKA my sweet little family.

Melessa Waterwall Headshot

Melessa Waterwall

Managing Broker | Texas

What I'm doing: Being “Mim” to my 6 grandkids or selling homes!

Kelyn Black headshot (1)

Kelyn Black

Managing Broker | Washington & Oregon

What I'm doing: Hot yoga, nutrition, and travel are my passions. I like anything outdoors, such as golf (or if it’s cold and rainy, indoor golf) with my husband Bill and hanging out with our 4 lb Yorkie Charlee the 4th.

Bill Munette

Bill Munette

Managing Broker | Florida

What I'm doing: Kayaking in the backyard with the dolphins and manatees or hanging out with my two Yorkies!

Cris Cortes Headshot (2)

Cris Cortes

Managing Broker | Florida

What I'm doing: Spending time with the Lord and cuddling up with my husband and pups on the couch as we watch our favorite shows and movies!

Chris Day Headshot (1)

Chris Day

Managing Broker | Florida

What I'm doing: Looking for a flip or investment, inspiring others, being a good dad and husband, and planning around the next Maryland Terps game.

Website headshot Remika

Remika Robinson

Managing Broker | Georgia

What I'm doing: Looking for investment properties! Fun with my kiddos, cooking, reading, and riding my peloton. Wine tasting with the hubby.

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Tess Keeran

Managing Broker | Maine

What I'm doing: Pimping out the new golf cart I just ordered.

Travis temporary headshot

Travis Riley

Managing Broker | Michigan & Ohio

What I'm doing: Connecting with people in Metro Detroit to help them with their real estate and construction needs.


Alyssa Granlund

Managing Broker | Minnesota & Wisconsin

What I'm doing: Working on my handicap, at the dog park with my husband and two Borzoi or spending time with family.

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Don Carrington

Managing Broker | Illinois

What I'm doing: Perfecting the best cup of French Roast coffee and helping agents in IL grow their business! Also, probably trying to hunt down my car key fab...

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