Our Staff

Steven Barks – Profile Photo 1

Steven Barks

President & COO

What I'm doing: Pedaling a bike, walking the dogs, or pushing a stroller.

Matt Johnson CEO Worth Clark

Matt Johnson


What I'm doing: Blasting music, riding/running/getting a WCR tattoo, hopefully embarrassing my kids, and crafting the perfect cocktail.

Ryan Michaelis – Profile Photo 1

Ryan Michaelis


What I'm doing: Rooting on my hometown Orioles (let's go O's!) and probably outside playing catch with my boys... all while plotting the next market for WCR to enter.

Emily Clemons – Profile Photo 1

Emily Clemons

Head of Agent Services

What I'm doing: Hiding in the closet during a Nerf war with my boys.

Jessica Elliott new1

Jessica Elliott


What I'm doing: Eat, sleep, take kids to sports, repeat 🙂 #Boymom

Ryan Hazelwood – Profile Photo 1

Ryan Hazelwood

Director of Operations

What I'm doing: I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

Amy WCR Headshot

Amy Myers

Head Of Compliance

What I'm doing: Planning my next beach getaway or watching The Bachelor with my Boston Terrier, Bentley.

Brad Smith

Brad Smith

Sr. Acquisition Specialist

What I'm doing: Sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot.

Sommer Barry

Sommer Barry

Compliance Analyst

What I'm doing: Melting over how cute my two babies are or cleaning my house because of said two cute babies.

Andrew Peters

Andrew Peters

Agent Services Analyst

What I'm doing: Quietly opening a snack so the wife doesn't hear and give me the side-eye!

Emily Flett

Emily Flett

Recruiting Coordinator

What I'm doing: Snoozing in the sunniest spot of the house with my cats, Oscar and Murphy

Brooke Marchi

Brooke Marchi

Funding Analyst

What I'm doing: Playing outside with my boys and spending time with family and friends.

Katie Adams

Katie Adams

Agent Services Analyst

What I'm doing: Attempting to try all the best food spots in St. Louis.

Kristen Newman Worth Clark Talent Acquisition Specialist

Kristen Newman

Talent Acquisition Specialist

What I'm doing: Out adventuring somewhere with my kids making family memories.

Tammie Heckenkamp square headshot

Tammie Heckenkamp

Office Support Specialist

What I'm doing: Spending time with family and friends, trying new restaurants and traveling.

Heather headshot

Heather Deatherage

Sales Development Representative

What I'm doing: Hanging out with my resident dogs/foster dogs or working on my 1950s Cape Cod house.

Clark Hess new

Clark Hess

Managing Broker | Colorado

What I'm doing: Watching The Office (again...), Riding my dirt bike, hiking, and enjoying time with my family.

Heather Rizzo new2

Heather Rizzo

Managing Broker | Illinois

What I'm doing: Finding the best tacos! #TacosAreLife

Denise Judson – Profile Photo 1

Denise Judson

Managing Broker | Kansas & Missouri

What I'm doing: I am probably refereeing a fight between my three sons while cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs!

Holly Hunter new2

Holly Mueller-McCrorey

Managing Broker | Missouri

What I'm doing: Rounding up my teenagers, snuggling with Stormy (an Old English Sheepdog), or answering calls from agents!

Kimmy James

Kimmy James

Managing Broker | Texas

What I'm doing: Busy meeting all our new agents in both San Antonio and Austin.

Melessa Waterwell Headshots

Melessa Waterwall

Managing Broker | Texas

What I'm doing: Being “Mim” to my 6 grandkids or selling homes!

Bill Munette

Bill Munette

Managing Broker | Florida

What I'm doing: Kayaking in the backyard with the dolphins and manatees or hanging out with my two Yorkies!

Chris Day Headshot

Chris Day

Managing Broker | Florida

What I'm doing: Looking for a flip or investment, inspiring others, being a good dad and husband, and planning around the next Maryland Terps game.

Website headshot Remika

Remika Robinson

Managing Broker | Georgia

What I'm doing: Looking for investment properties! Fun with my kiddos, cooking, reading, and riding my peloton. Wine tasting with the hubby.

Travis temporary headshot

Travis Riley

Managing Broker | Michigan

What I'm doing: Connecting with people in Metro Detroit to help them with their real estate and construction needs.


Alyssa Granlund

Managing Broker | Minnesota

What I'm doing: Working on my handicap, at the dog park with my husband and two Borzoi or spending time with family.

Untitled design (2)

Don Carrington

Managing Broker | Illinois

What I'm doing: Perfecting the best cup of French Roast coffee and helping agents in Southwest IL grow their business! Also, probably trying to hunt down my car key fab...

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