About Us


We believe ownership provides unparalleled opportunity.


To provide entrepreneurial agents the power and support to control their own success and deliver the promise of ownership for themselves, their clients, and community.


Cultivate Relationships

We invest in people by giving our time, expertise, and generosity.

Aim Higher

We surpass expectation with our sights set on continually improving the customer experience.

Be the Bigger Person

We rise above all circumstances and situations no matter how emotional real estate can be.

We Not I

We are stronger in numbers, and believe in being part of something bigger than ourselves.

We believe that agents are entrepreneurs building small businesses that help every day people buy and sell homes. We help build that entrepreneurial spirit by providing agents and brokers with a platform that assists with reaching their goals. This includes technology, flexibility, business generation, a la carte resources, outstanding support every day of the week, and an equity program to share in the successes of the company.

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