If we had a dime for every agent that told us their broker promised leads and then didn’t follow through, well, we would have a lot of dimes. Don’t worry, we are here to help!

The problem and our solution

Lead shortages are one of the biggest issues an agent will face. As a broker, Worth Clark Realty is striving to set each agent up for success in many areas of the business, including leads. That’s why we have partnered with a handful of major lead sources as a means to provide our agents with access to those valuable leads. Access is limited to agents whose Brokerage is a partner, meaning Worth Clark agents have exclusive access.

How it works

With our lead program, agents aren’t just handed a random name and number, but rather a thoroughly screened contact that has an increased chance of converting to a client. You heard right! Warm leads > cold leads. Get them while they’re hot!

Once an agent is signed up in the lead program, the better the agent does, the more leads the agent typically receives. We still suggest using our lead system as a supplement to your own lead generation process. The more you can build your pipeline, the better!

Ready to get started?