Agent Testimonials

Hear from real Worth Clark agents!

“I love the overall philosophy of Worth Clark Realty and the resources & tools made available to all the agents.”

“My wife, Courtney and I operate as a team and we love the flexibility and freedom that Worth Clark Realty gives us. We feel like we have better support than from our previous big-name brokerage and the technology tools that WCR provides are top-notch. The flat-fee commission structure is great and helps us be more competitive and run a more profitable business.”

“WCR has given me the flexibility to put my family first and run my business how I see fit. The technology allows me to work whenever and wherever I am!”

“I joined Worth Clark because I loved the idea of being a part of an established, successful, Inc 500 brokerage just entering the Denver-metro real estate market. I researched WCR thoroughly before even reaching out to introduce myself. It’s hard to not be impressed with their successes, market share, and presence in other areas of the country.”

“I chose to join the WCR team a few months ago and haven’t looked back! As a new agent, I was hoping to find support yet flexibility in a brokerage, and that’s just what Worth Clark Realty has offered. Our weekly updates, intranet, and agent events offer training and support as often or as little as you choose to participate, and the low brokerage fees, flexible schedule, and unlimited potential give me the autonomy I was looking for in this career and flexibility to offer my clients what works for them. My first few months at WCR have been fantastic, and I’m just getting started! Thank you, Worth Clark Realty!”

“The three of us (Jeni Minor, Cathleen Roby and Anne Rothers) have been with Worth Clark Realty for several years now. We had all worked together as individual agents for a large brokerage in Kansas City, where we were finding ourselves wanting to do our business differently and without some of the constraints that often come with being a part of a large brokerage firm. So, after some research, we were intrigued by the business model that Worth Clark was offering. Upon requesting more information, we were quickly able to schedule a meeting with the broker. It was during this meeting that we really felt a connection with the philosophy of Worth Clark, the business values that were shared, and the strategy/plans for the future of the company. We really felt like we had found a partner who shared in our belief that the industry is changing, and a company that not only believed this, but embraced this change with strategic initiatives in the works. As for the past few years since joining the company, we each have had our best years since being in the business. We are confident that this will continue as we employ our own initiatives and strategies to grow our business with complete support from Worth Clark Realty.”

“The managing broker is on top of the technology. He returns my calls and emails in a timely manner and is always willing to help. The commission split is fair with no high franchise fees to pay.”

“Worth Clark Realty is a innovative company that allows realtors the freedom to customize their business to meet their ideal business goals. Their Back Agent system is extremely easy to navigate, which makes being an independent in this industry a breeze, plus their set commission structure makes every closing much more empowering at the closing table!”

“I have been with Worth Clark for over one year now and must tell anyone who is interested that it is a perfect place for me and my business model. I have been a Realtor since 2007. I spend the majority of my time searching for, acquiring, and rehabbing properties. I do some conventional real estate usually helping friends, family, previous people I have helped, and even those whose home I am acquiring for renovation. Worth Clark’s back office system is very user friendly. I definitely do not consider myself a “techie”, but I find it very easy to navigate our system for listings and contracts paperwork. I would strongly recommend to anyone considering making a change to spend a little time researching what Worth Clark has to offer.”

“I have to say it was the best decision I made to move to Worth Clark Realty. I love the fact that my hard work comes with 100% reward and not having to split my commission like other agencies is the best part. I always charge an additional compensation fee of $400.00 and that pays WCR and I keep the rest! The tools that WCR includes along with the E&O where most agencies charge a monthly fee is also something I find to be a great benefit. I would also like to pay a compliment to Bryan Bowles and Steven Barks they both have great work ethic, very professional and supportive. I have learned in just the two short years I have been with WCR they are there when the situation calls for them to be. Just one example if a deal goes south on inspections and you need a mutual release signed I just text and let them know its in their inbox for a signature and it is always returned as quickly as possible. It is a great business model that works for me.”

“After being in the real estate business for 32 years, joining Worth Clark realty has been the best career choice I have ever made! It is the best fit for me. I’m able to run my own business the way I like. Plus, having fantastic company support, top notch systems, programs and marketing, all make what I do so much easier. And I get to keep all of the commission…just doesn’t get much better than that!”

“Here’s the slogan: 100% Autonomy, 100% Commissions, 0% Junk/Fluff Fees, and 100% why I got into real estate!”

“I LOVE Worth Clark Realty! I was worried that making the transition would be difficult, but the office staff was so responsive and helpful, it was a non-issue and the transition was simple and smooth. Our broker responds to texts/calls/emails very promptly with his expert advice, as needed. I thought it was too-good-to-be-true that I would be keeping 100% of my commission, especially after paying a large percentage of each commission to my former company for many years, but IT’S TRUE! And, I can pass these savings on to my clients. In my view, EVERY agent should join WCR instead of giving away such huge cuts out of their commissions! The leadership of WCR is forward-thinking, friendly, helpful, resourceful, and tech savvy, to just name a few qualities. I wish I would have made the switch to WCR years ago!”

“I can actually say that I had more support from Worth Clark Realty in the first few days than I did with [national franchise broker] in a year and a half!”

“My reasons for choosing Worth Clark Realty are very simple. Worth Clark offer all the important technology that I need to operate at a high level and provide top notch service to my clients, and I get to keep more of my commissions, which allows me to re-invest in my business and provide a better quality of life for my family.”

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