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Tips for Move-in Inspections


The move-in inspection is a critical step in the process of renting your home. It protects both the Tenant and the Landlord, and makes sure everyone is on the same page. Here are some tips to ensuring you perform a …

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Tenant Screening: How to Avoid Horror Stories

Tenant Check

Have you ever heard of a great story from a Landlord that involves the Tenant paying rent on time and leaving the property cleaner than when they moved in? Probably not. But have you ever heard a horror story from …

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Lease-Option Vs Lease-Purchase: What’s the Difference?

lease purchase contract

Quite often people confuse the lease-option contracts with lease-purchase contracts.  There’s a big difference between the two, and several reasons why you’d want to use one over the other depending on the situation.

Let’s first start with explanation for each …

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