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Agent Announcement: Dawn Kristoff


Worth Clark Realty is happy to announce the addition of Dawn Kristoff to our St. Louis sales office. We are excited to have Dawn on our team! To reach out to Dawn, give her a call at 314-374-9557, or reach her by email at    Welcome aboard, Dawn! 

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The Difference Between a “Facilitator” and “Counselor” Realtor—and How Technology Will Make One Even More Valuable


Semi-trucks don’t look complex, but they are. You don’t operate semis the same way you would your minivan. They are large, they are dangerous, and they can kill other people. Driving one from St. Louis to Phoenix without someone getting hurt is one of those modern miracles we take for granted. Despite the complexity, despite […]

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In an Uncertain World, You Can be Certain that Real Estate is a Good Investment


The weekend before the Presidential election, The Huffington Post used a set of mathematical models designed by Princeton neuroscientist Sam Wang to predict that the likelihood democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would win the presidency was 98%. 98%. You can literally only be 2% more certain than that. In fact, The Huffington Post ran 10 million […]

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