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Would You Hire the Handyman to Manage Your 401(k)?

real estate investment

Everyone knows the story.

You contribute a significant amount of money over several years to a 401(k), or buy stock in a growing new startup you read about. Then you hire someone a friend or family member knows who does …

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True Real Estate Professionals Don’t Need Bubbles


The housing market is back. You can read that in the data, or if you live and work in a fast-growing community (like I do), you can see for yourself. In St. Charles, Missouri, headquarters of Worth Clark Realty, …

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Free Eviction Services with Eviction Shield


One of the biggest concerns landlords often have is what to do if they’re stuck with a bad tenant.  Worth Clark Realty has a solution for that: our exclusive Eviction Shield Program.  We understand a bad tenant can be costly, …

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