Worth Clark Realty is One of the 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2022

Worth Clark Realty—Providing innovative and value-driven services to help people buy, sell, and lease residential real estate

Real estate is a uniquely impactful profession. One that allows individuals to form bonds and create communities by simply buying and selling slices of land. Because of this, the need for real estate agents and brokers will never go away.

Buyers and sellers might try to save money during a real estate transaction by not hiring a real estate agent. In doing so, buyers and sellers might not save as much money as they think. A professional real estate agent will use their knowledge of the local market and negotiation skills to help their clients meet their objectives at the most desirable cost.

Anyone can indeed shop for a house and even get a virtual look inside without signing on with a real estate agent. Unless you have time to make home hunting a part-time job, a real estate agent might be able to match you with the perfect home much faster.

A professional real estate agent will use their knowledge of the local market and negotiation skills to help clients meet their objections at the most desirable cost.

Worth Clark Realty is one of the best real estate brokerages to hire to buy or sell real estate. The firm is a unique agent-owned real estate brokerage enhanced by technology and driven by relationships. They provide innovative and value-driven services to help people buy, sell, and lease real estate.

Its mission is to provide entrepreneurial agents the power and support to control their own success and deliver the promise of ownership for themselves, their clients, and the community. They accomplish this by providing agents with on-demand resources, unrivaled compensation, opportunities to complement their business, and ownership in the community.

Take a few moments to read this conversation with Ryan Michaelis, Chief Growth Officer at Worth Clark Realty.

Q. What’s your favorite aspect of the real estate business?

I think it’s encapsulated in why WCR was founded and what is still in our vision today: real estate is about the opportunity of ownership. For most people, a home will be their biggest asset and often means even more to them emotionally. Real estate agents have the opportunity to build their own businesses while supporting growth in their communities.

Q. What do you think separates Worth Clark Realty from other real estate businesses today?

We have a flat fee model that allows agents to keep all of their hard-earned commissions and invest in themselves. That is good for the home buyer or seller and WCR as a company. It’s a truly virtuous circle. We’re also committed to incredible support and technology and offering solutions that help an agent’s business evolve and grow. As a result, even in a market where many real estate companies have to pull back, reduce investment, and lay off staff, we have continued our history of solid growth in 2022.

Q. How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

It’s primarily described above, but we also approach value delivery like a product-focused or tech company might. That means solving the customer’s problems with the right solutions at the best value. It also means our focus is on the customer, not the competition. There are plenty of good real estate companies and space in this industry for everyone to win. We have admiration and respect for many of our competitors, but particularly for entrepreneurial agents that want to grow their businesses, we believe Worth Clark offers something unique.

Q. What’s the single most challenging aspect of being a real estate agent?

The most challenging aspects are affordability, housing inventory, inflation, interest rates, etc. There are a lot of headwinds for an agent to navigate in 2022. These headwinds can cause agents to get distracted from the fundamentals of running and growing their businesses. Like any business leader, they can’t ignore the macroeconomic indicators. Still, they also need to balance those risks with continuing to invest in their growth and doing the things that deliver value to their customers daily.

Q. Real estate is often called a “people” business. What associations or groups are you involved with in your community?

Along with numerous real estate industry groups, we have a strong partnership with Habitat for Humanity, which we support financially through “sweat equity.” We are also involved with Mission: St. Louis here in our hometown. Of course, our employees are also involved in organizations of personal importance to their lives, and we actively support that involvement through weekly paid time off for volunteering.

Q. What’s one misconception about real estate you had when you first started that you’d want a new agent to understand?

That the brokerage company’s name on your business card or yard sign matters. Those new to the business should understand that successful real estate agents are made, remembered, and referred to for the relationships they forge with their clients and potential customers on a personal level. Not because of who their broker is. They’re hired (or fired) largely based on how they treat people. Many agents also struggle with consistency and follow-up, which is why most agents new to the business fail. It’s genuinely not easy starting. Whether it is WCR or not, find a brokerage with excellent training, support, and the means to help run your business.

Q. What’s most rewarding about real estate?

That you get to deliver on the exceptional promise of ownership. Early on, I was lucky enough to assist hundreds of clients with their real estate goals. Nothing brought me more joy than having these people put their trust in me or more excitement to do the best possible job for them. I truly feel that most of us in this industry feel the same way. Having now been on the brokerage operations side for several years, I get the same feeling every time we have the opportunity to meet with an agent who is considering our brokerage because I know that we can help improve their business.

Q. Helping agents grow their business and customers find their dream properties

Ryan Michaelis is the Chief Growth Officer at Worth Clark Realty. Along with his experience as a successful real estate agent and team leader, he has a decade of progressive responsibility in property and account management, sales, and business development within the real estate industry.

In his current role, he is part of WCR’s senior management team. He leads agent recruitment and marketing and the brokerage’s initiatives to help agents continually grow their businesses and ensure success within their chosen careers.

“One of America’s fastest growing virtual real estate companies!”

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