Your Top 5 Home Warranty Questions Answered – Featuring Choice Home Warranty

Your Top 5 Home Warranty Questions Answered!

You’ve probably asked the question. Do I need a home warranty? What does a home warranty do for me? If I’m buying a home, what does it cover? If you’ve pondered these types of questions, you’re probably a homeowner.

When a buyer makes an offer on a home, a home warranty is usually one of those fringe “asks” that a buyer will incorporate into their offer. In slow markets, buyers usually ask for a home warranty to be included in the sale and provided by the seller at closing. In competitive markets, a home warranty can often be seen as another “ask” in the contract offer, something sellers view as another expense for them. However, a buyer can always purchase a home warranty on their own.

So, why is a home warranty so important?

We asked David Specter of Choice Home Warranty (Worth Clark Realty’s preferred home warranty vendor and recent recipient of the Consumer Choice Award) to elaborate on what makes a home warranty so valuable to homeowners today.

Q: What does a home warranty do for homeowners, why is it important?

A: We cover what WILL break down in the home. We will repair the item, and if not replace. According to NAR, there is a 68% likelihood that a system or appliance will malfunction the first year of someone taking ownership. A home warranty provides the homeowner with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected from these risks. After all, a new homeowner just spent a good chunk of change on a down payment and who has an extra $5k for a new air conditioner, furnace, etc… Choice Home Warranty covers that!

Q: What is the cost of a one-year home warranty?

A: $420-580, although Choice offers two-year home warranty options at a great value.

Q: What packages are offered and what do those different packages cover?

A: We have three policies- all three carry a $65 service fee.

Choice Plan: $420 for 1 year (or $720 for 2 Years). Covers systems and appliances excluding washer, dryer, and refrigerator.

Choice Plus: $500 for 1 year (or $800 for 2 years). Covers systems and appliances including washer, dryer, and refrigerator.

Choice Ultimate: $580 for 1 year (or $850 for 2 Years). Covers systems and appliances including washer, dryer, and Refrigerator. As well as code, permit, haul away of old equipment, mismatched systems, improper install/modifications, and plumbing/appliance/HVAC upgrade coverage! Systems include: AC, furnace, water heater, plumbing, ductwork, and electric. Appliances included (depending on coverage): Washer, dryer, refrigerator, oven/cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and ceiling fans.

Choice Home Warranty can also coordinate a re-key for the new homeowner(s).

Q: What does a home warranty not cover?

A: A home warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear issues. Self-inflicted issues, acts of god (hail, lighting etc…), or items that were broken before the policy started.

Q: What are the possible long term savings a homeowner experiences by having a home warranty and does the age of certain covered items play a factor?

A: There are no age restrictions on systems, appliances, or the home to qualify for coverage. Age has nothing to do with coverage. Just like a car, eventually, your systems and appliances will break down. Hence, the average first-year savings approx. $1800! The real question is do you have coverage?

Did you know that Choice Home Warranty recently received the Consumer Choice Award in the Home Warranty category by Best Company, LLC.! What factors was this award based upon? It’s based on consumer reviews and a market index score, which measures how each company stacks up against its competition in multiple categories.

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