Worth Clark Realty’s Unique Approach to Maximize Its Agents’ Earning Potential 

Many real estate brokerages adhere to a standard commission model involving pay-per-closing, annual transaction fees, and caps. At Worth Clark Realty, we take a different approach by offering flexible subscription plans and pay-as-you-go options. We recognize the challenges agents face with high brokerage fees and commission splits, and our model is designed to help agents achieve their maximum earning potential.  

Our subscription model is particularly beneficial for teams and high-producing agents who anticipate reaching their caps early in the year. These plans empower you to save by paying in advance if you handle a high volume of deals annually. We offer personalized consultations to help determine the best compensation plan for your needs, providing a cost-effective solution for agents focused on volume sales. The savings from our subscription plans can range from 15% to 33%, demonstrating our commitment to putting our agents’ financial interests first.

Alongside our subscriptions, Worth Clark’s pay-as-you-go plans are designed to reduce transaction costs typically associated with real estate sales. Although fees are necessary to maintain our extensive services, our structure is primarily a flat-fee model that ensures 100% commission. As a real estate agent, you shouldn’t have to pay your broker part of the commission you earned with hard work. Our system is designed to make the selling process quicker and more profitable, contrasting with traditional models that can deter agents due to unpredictable market conditions and varied deal closures.

Subscription plans at Worth Clark offer predictability with no caps on transactions, allowing agents to plan their finances without the usual constraints at other brokerages. This approach eliminates stress over caps and significantly enhances potential earnings. For instance, Worth Clark agent Brittany Peterson was initially skeptical about our low transaction fees but found the benefits genuine. “When I heard about the small transaction fee Worth Clark charges, I thought it was too good to be true,” she said. She quickly found out that it wasn’t too good to be true as she made $5.5 million after making the move to Worth Clark. 

We provide two subscription options: quarterly and annual, tailored specifically for teams and full-time, high-producing agents. Savings with the quarterly model range from 15% to 27% and from 19% to 33% with the annual plan. Our Pro option for full-time producers is priced at $2,100 quarterly and $8,000 annually, while our Team plan costs $2,700 quarterly and $9,900 annually. Despite the initial investment, the long-term savings are substantial. You’ll see significant savings when you calculate how many deals you usually close each quarter or year, along with a $495 transaction fee and a sales cap of 20-30. William Oney-Paige, a Worth Clark agent, shared his financial success with Worth Clark: “I can’t believe in my first year, I was able to close over $4 million!”  

At Worth Clark Realty, our commitment extends beyond innovative compensation models. We also provide robust support and state-of-the-art technology to ensure our agents feel confident and equipped to leverage their full potential. Our dedicated support team is available anytime during our business hours to assist with any inquiries or challenges, ensuring that our agents can focus on what they do best — selling homes. Our managing brokers are also available seven days a week to help agents with urgent matters. 

We also invest heavily in technology that simplifies the sales process and increases agent productivity. Our technology suite uses a proprietary CRM system that organizes client data efficiently and allows agents to work from anywhere. It is designed to streamline operations and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. This technology stack helps our agents manage their business more effectively and provides advanced marketing tools to boost their listings and attract more clients.  

Worth Clark believes in the power of education and community. We offer regular training sessions, webinars, and workshops that cover the latest market trends, sales techniques, and legal regulations to ensure our agents feel supported and remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. We also foster a strong community among our agents, encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practices. This community support system is crucial for both new and seasoned agents, as it allows newcomers to learn from experienced professionals and gives veterans a platform to mentor and give back. This collaborative environment enhances individual agent performance and strengthens our brokerage’s collective expertise.  

The team at Worth Clark continuously refines its models to respond to the changing needs of our agents and the industry. By eliminating unnecessary fees and providing 100% commission, we empower our agents to achieve financial freedom and maximize their earning potential. This adaptability and commitment to agent success set Worth Clark apart as a leader in innovative real estate compensation. By continually enhancing our commission models, Worth Clark Realty demonstrates its dedication to agent empowerment and industry leadership. We provide agents with the tools they need to manage their earnings effectively and plan for future growth.

Ready to elevate your real estate career? Join Worth Clark Realty today and be part of a forward-thinking team that puts your success first. Start maximizing your earning potential now! 

About the Author
Kate Notz
Kate Notz is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Worth Clark Realty. She likes helping people, being creative, and spending time with family.