Worth Clark’s Newest Market Brings New Managing Broker

Worth Clark’s new managing broker is Travis Riley in Detroit, Michigan!

We are beyond excited to welcome Travis Riley to the Worth Clark team! Travis is our first managing broker for our newest market and state in Detroit, Michigan. Travis was inspired by his dad to join the real estate business. Growing up, Travis got to help his dad with real estate, which sparked an interest and a dream to get involved in the business himself. Take a few minutes to read the short Q&A blog below and get to know Travis.


Q: What inspired you to start your real estate career?

A: I had a few influences in my life that attracted me to the real estate business. First of all, my dad has been in real estate most of my life. I grew up touring neighborhoods, walking houses, and learning about the business by listening to and watching my dad. Identifying properties, value add opportunities and deal structure has been something I grew up around. Once I turned 16, I started helping my dad while I wasn’t in school as his assistant. During these few years, I was able to see how you grow and maintain a successful real estate business– which centers around knowing your market, understanding what your client’s needs are, and being accessible. I went to college for Real Estate Finance at Ohio State but became personally involved in real estate during my junior year. My friends and I had a pretty terrible experience with a landlord, which led me to buy my first house. I enjoyed being a landlord and improving properties, which drove me to buy another house and two small apartment buildings while still in school. I worked to get my Ohio and Michigan real estate licenses while still in school and haven’t looked back!


Q: What was that moment or time period when you knew you had a passion for helping clients achieve their goals?

A: My absolute favorite thing to do at the beginning of my career and now is to help people develop the thought of what they need in a property and then go make their dream a reality. As I mentioned above, I bought my first house while in college. The feeling of pride, excitement, and joy I had with the purchase of my first home is a feeling I strive to replicate for each client I work with. My first job out of college was working for a local Bloomfield Hills based financial firm on their distressed real estate team doing primarily receivership work. In my role, I worked on the seller’s side of countless transactions where most of the buyers were buying their first homes. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed the entire sale process and helping people realize their dreams. I began to do more and more sales on my own. I discovered my passion for helping people develop and create their dream homes.


Q: What is the best real estate advice you’ve read or received?

A: As an agent, the best advice I received was to always be present with your clients. This is likely the largest financial move of their life and can be very stressful. By being present and giving your clients your all (attention, effort, focus, etc.), you will be a great asset in making something stressful become an enjoyable experience. Also, be the calm in every situation. Emotions can run high during transactions– the best asset a client can have in a real estate advisor is to have someone who can diffuse stressful situations, slow everything down and provide clarity.


Q: What are 2-3 nuances of the Michigan real estate market(s)?

A: There are a few pockets of each community that I have always considered great buys for people looking to have their kids in certain school districts, but are able to take advantage of a more affordable tax base. I believe part of my job as someone’s real estate advisor is to provide them with the full picture, which is inclusive of opportunities to lower their monthly housing expense while keeping important things intact– such as school district. There are so many different attractions, restaurants, and vibes in each community around Metro Detroit. I ask my clients a ton of lifestyle questions to try and better understand what they like to do away from their home and what is really important to them (walkable communities, open spaces, local attractions, etc.), which really helps me narrow down the areas I look for properties.


 Q: New Realtors® often struggle with lead generation, what would your advice be to a brand new agent in building their business?

A: Don’t be shy in talking your trade and keep being a student of both real estate and property in general. Everyone knows someone in real estate–the way I have learned to differentiate myself from the others is to fully understand not only the real estate transaction but also understanding financing, the different elements of the property, possibility for renovating/additions, building a referral network for clients needs, etc. I truly love how dynamic this career is and the possibility of making someone else’s dreams come true. Become passionate and share your passion with those around you. I have found this approach instills confidence in others and allows you to become an invaluable asset to potential clients.


Q: Although Worth Clark Realty has established itself in many markets, making a switch to a brokerage new to your market can be stressful and there can be many unknowns. What first attracted you to Worth Clark?

A: I have found Worth Clark to be full of people who are full of energy and generally passionate about life. Looking through the Worth Clark website and processes established for agents, I know that the company is committed to a great client experience as well as setting its agents up for success. I am excited to be part of a team that has such passion for real estate and is so positive.


Q: Has the transition from one brokerage to another been stress-free?

A: It has honestly been seamless. The agent support team has made this absolutely pain-free.


Q: What would you tell agents in your area who are considering joining Worth Clark?

A: I would say if you are looking for an entrepreneurial, positive environment with straightforward fee structures and people who are dedicated to setting you up for success to grow your business, this is your place.


Q: What are you most excited about in leading the Detroit market as Worth Clark’s managing broker?

A: I am excited to be part of a great company and am looking forward to driving Worth Clark’s growth in Michigan!


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