Worth Clark Realty Improves Sales For Third Straight Month

Worth Clark Realty, a leading real estate brokerage firm, has reported it’s third consecutive monthly rise in successful transactions. In March, the company closed 424 sale transaction sides, representing a Month-over-Month increase of 31%. The trend of increased transactions has been encouraging in the face of such a volatile real estate market. Year-to-date, Worth Clark Realty has closed a total of 1,033 sale sides, good for an 8% Year-over-Year improvement. This uptick in activity is a testament to Worth Clark professionals providing excellent services and support to their customers and clients, who continue to trust WCR for their real estate needs.

Sales volume also grew for the third month in a row as the company witnessed a 33% Month-over-Month increase, registering a total of $130 million in March indicating significant revenue growth. Year-to-date sales volume currently stands at $323 million, a 16% increase Year-over-Year.

These impressive figures reveal the company’s diligent efforts towards improving their services, marketing strategies, and client support systems. It speaks to Worth Clark Realty’s ability to adapt to the evolving real estate market and stand out amidst the competition.

As a real estate agent, these results are a welcome sight, and may serve as an indication that the real estate market is turning a corner despite the significant challenges of the recent past. They also reflect the tremendous opportunities that exist for real estate professionals who can harness the right tools, expertise, and marketing techniques to increase their sales volume and grow their businesses.

Worth Clark Realty’s remarkable growth, market expansion, and the consistent increase in successful transactions places the company at the forefront of the real estate industry. It is undoubtedly a testament to the firm’s commitment to providing entrepreneurial agents the power and support to control their own success, while delivering upon the promise of ownership for their agents, clients, and community.

About the Author
Steven Barks
Steven Barks is the President & COO of Worth Clark Realty.