Worth Clark Realty + Choice Home Warranty – A Resource for REALTORS®

We’re excited to announce the preferred status between Worth Clark Realty and Choice Home Warranty!

After gathering feedback from our Worth Clark Realtors® and with the intention of creating more value for our clients, we’ve carefully observed the home warranty landscape and feel Choice Home Warranty is the best fit as Worth Clark Realty’s preferred home warranty provider!

This new relationship will provide a new resource to our agents and clients alike. Similar to the technology we provide agents and similar to our broker support. The added value will be tremendous and the decision to utilize Choice Home Warranty is 100% up to the client.

There are several popular choices that have been around for a while when it comes to home warranty, but the decision to team up with Choice comes with a few reasons that we feel are valuable to the client:

  • Low hold times – All hold times are 5 minutes or less. When 5 minutes comes, they have a call back feature that the client can use instead of continuing to wait on the phone.
  • Tech-based vendor dispatch – All maintenance vendors within Choice Home Warranty’s network use a native mobile app to manage the claims they are working on. When a client files a claim, it is automatically sent off to every vendor in the network via the app, and whichever vendor claims the job first wins. So, the vendor that claims the lead is a vendor that wants the business!
  • Same-day or next-day diagnosis – Choice guarantees that an approval (or denial) of a claim is made within just 2 days. Their technology allows this process to be streamlined and easy for the vendor. Plus, our dedicated reps can assist personally as an added touch to make sure our clients are satisfied
  • Low prices – Policies start at just $390, and the service fee is just $65.
  • Listing coverage for the seller – Choice covers systems and appliances during the listing period, including inspection report findings (see details).

One of the best perks for our clients (and our agents) is that each of our dedicated representatives with Choice Home Warranty comes highly recommended as someone that is extremely reliable, and 100% customer service focused. Their commitment to customer service really aligns with Worth Clark Realty. So, if a client is having any issue, our dedicated rep can be contacted to help resolve the situation. Additionally, they can also help with marketing materials to help our agents sell homes.

Want to learn more or chat about home warranty options today? Contact your favorite Worth Clark Realtor® today!

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