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Exciting news Illinois – Please join us in welcoming Heather Rizzo as our new Managing Broker for the state of Illinois! Heather brings an intelligence factor to Worth Clark Realty that is hard to find. She’s been licensed in Arizona, California, and currently in Illinois. Learning the nuances of different markets, and the unique takes on contract differences between the markets has given her a perspective and deep understanding of just how a real estate transaction happens. Not to mention her experience with institutional investors, property management, big-box brokerages, and small boutique brokerages. Heather has earned the coveted ABR designation (Accredited Buyers Representative) and she also holds the PSA (Price Strategy Advisor) certification, given by NAR. Heather is as well-rounded as they come. A Chicago native, Heather is the perfect fit to be our brand ambassador in the fast-growing Illinois market!

In addition to her professional pursuits, Heather enjoys the Chicago scene with her husband Tony Rizzo and their two little ones, Anthony and Faith. So what makes this busy wife, mother and accomplished agent successful? We sat down with Heather to hear her candid take on the market, advice for new agents, tips, and why she made the switch to Worth Clark Realty.


Q. What was the tipping point/ BIG reason you joined Worth Clark Realty?

A. Besides seeing a lot of opportunities for both personal and professional growth, I think it was the people. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with both Steven Barks and Ryan Michaelis and the more I learned about the company culture and structure, I just had to make the move.

Q. What is your top tip for new agents?

A. Two things: 1) Let go of fear (fear of failure, of talking to people, of networking, of prospecting) and 2) Find a mentor who really cares.

Q. Why about the agent mentoring process do you enjoy most?

A. Coming into this business as a brand new agent can be very confusing and overwhelming. Similar to what our clients go through during their transactions. A lot of anxiety about things working out and worry about taking the right steps. I am strong in both my faith and real estate experience. Put those together and I am able to calm, guide and assure that things are headed in the right direction. I enjoy the process of teaching that this is not so scary and we can always learn something from our mistakes if we make them.

Q. What big movement do you see in the market/should be aware of anything?

A. Well, things are changing daily with Coronavirus at this time. One thing is for sure and that is that we have a historic 50 year low in interest rates. I do believe right now is a fantastic time to buy and lock in those rates or to refinance.

Q. Your favorite professional/task/social app that you couldn’t live without

A. I’m really starting to love working with Remine which is both a tax record and prospecting platform. I’ve been using it daily and it’s got a lot of great tools and insights. For tasks, I have found for myself that between my phone calendar and a good old pen & paper “to do” list is how I get it done.

Q. Favorite type/genre of food?

A. Mmmm…Mexican anything. Lots of guac and of course margaritas.

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