Preparing Your Home to Rent or Sell

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your property, or leasing it out, preparing your home to rent or sell is a crucial element in keeping your days-on-market count low.

The idea is to make your home attractive to the broadest range of buyers or tenants, and the first step for you is to treat it like a property instead of your home.

Once your mindset is right, you can follow these simple steps to ensure your property is ready to show:

1. Make those repairs

Step 1 in preparing home home to rent or sell? Fix those items that are easy to fix and relatively inexpensive. This would include things like a malfunctioning kitchen sprayer, a bathroom sink without a drain plug, broken blinds, etc.

Pay attention to important areas of the home that get the most looks, such as the front exterior, the kitchen, the master bedroom and bath. Then see if there are any easy cosmetic touch ups you can do.

2. Clean everything

Yes, actually clean the property. Hiring a cleaning service is even recommended. Your idea of clean might not match what potential buyers or tenants are thinking (hey, no offense. Just speaking from experience here).

This includes your appliances, toilets, showers, sinks, flooring, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and walls. Clean properties are much more attractive than dirty properties.

On the exterior, make sure to pull the weeds out of the landscaping, keep the lawn nice and trimmed, bag those leaves, etc. Make sure to address any odors, including those from your garbage bins.

You might even do a little more to boost your curb appeal.

3. Organize your stuff

Organizing the rooms, closets, and garage of your home DOES help. Organization can actually do wonders!

Straighten the furniture, make the beds, remove loose items from counter tops, clean out personal junk from the closets, etc. The goal is to make each space as large and open as possible. Rooms that have over-sized furniture and too many “chotskies” will make your potential occupants feel cramped.

Now you’re ready!

After steps 1-3 are complete, you are now ready to list your property! These 3 steps are essential in capturing the hearts and minds of buyers and tenants. If followed, you’ll boost your chances of success.

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