Nita Pridgen of Kansas City: Consistent to Experienced

We checked in with Worth Clark Realty’s newest super-star in Kansas City, Nita Pridgen to get her pulse on a few things real estate. Read below for some great insight on maintaining a level of consistency, which can help translate into staying ahead in a sink or swim industry.

Q: When did you start your real estate career and what are you most passionate about?

A: I started originally in 1979 when the market was very tough and I was very young. I got out of the industry a few years later and then entered again in the 90’s. In 2003, my passion for flipping houses and buying rental properties began. I’ve never regretted it.

Q: What areas do you primarily serve?

A: I mainly assist clients throughout Platte and Clay counties in northern Kansas City. But I’ve sold homes from Kansas, as far north as St. Joseph, to Plattsburg, Grain Valley, and many other outlying KC areas.

Q: You’ve had a strong year thus far in 2020. How has dealing with Covid-19 affected your normal day to day when working buyers and sellers?

A: Ugh… Covid. Well, it sure has been an adventure. Keeping a mask on-hand at all times. Hand sanitizing was already a standard practice with me. Honestly, it really did not slow me down at all. I’ve been able to have a great year.

Q: What are some of your top tips for agents in gaining repeat business? What works well for you?

A: Follow up, follow up, follow up… I can’t say that enough. Most of my clients become friends. I work hard to gain their respect and provide a smooth home buying or selling experience.

Q: Many agents struggle with follow-up. What would you suggest agents do to make sure they are consistently keeping in touch with their sphere of influence?

A: Frequent email touches, social media outreach, birthday check-ins, etc. Admittedly, I am not great at these things but focusing in on them will help agents do a better job working their SOI.

Q: Any predictions for the fall 2020 market?

A: I am confident our market in Kansas City will continue to be strong. I do not foresee any changes.

Q: Why did you make the switch to Worth Clark Realty?

A: My previous company did not provide me with a website, so I was looking for more tools directly related to technology and growing my business. I love the people at my last company, but I had no place to forward my domain and increase my online presence, which was a must for me.

Q: There never really is a great time to move to another brokerage. How has the WCR staff assisted in helping make it stress free?

A: The staff has made the move SO easy… I just hope they bear with me as I try to navigate the new systems I now have in place.

Q: What are some of the ways you feel the tools at Worth Clark will best benefit you in your business?

A: I believe Worth Clark Realty’s tools and technology specifically related to marketing myself will be of great benefit to me in staying in front of my clients. There are a lot of resources to take advantage of at WCR.

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