Mr. Thompson’s Home for the Holidays

Not long ago, I had a client, we’ll call him Mr. Thompson, who really wanted a new home for him and his daughter for Christmas. Mr. Thompson was a single dad who worked hard but always had a tough time saving additional funds to put toward a home purchase. One day, his realtor decided to put him in contact just to see what his options were.

Mr. Thompson had never owned a home. He was delighted to hear that he qualified for First Time Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance. This loan covered most of the down payment needed. Furthermore, Mr. Thompson’s real estate agent did a great job negotiating to have the seller pay all of his closing costs. This meant that Mr. Thompson was able to get his new home, and rather than bringing tons of cash to the closing table, he actually got a check back for $2,118.16.

We were even able to get the house to close in time for Christmas. He said at the closing table that the gift he was most excited to give his daughter was a new home where she would be able to pick out her own bedroom.

We work in an industry that has the ability to make a significant impact on our clients’ lives for the better. Many people don’t know the possibilities of this field. We’re here to remind you of what is possible with real estate. To see if your clients can accomplish their homeownership goals, have them contact Andy Schoemehl at 314-221-7797.


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