Worth Clark’s Aggressive Market Expansion Continues in Minnesota!

Worth Clark Realty Continues Impressive Growth Into Minnesota


Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN – Worth Clark Realty, projected to end 2022 with ~50% YoY growth, has opened brokerage operations in their ninth state, Minnesota. Starting out, they’ll operate in the NorthstarMLS as members of the Minneapolis Area Realtors® and Saint Paul Area Association of Realtors®, with their office located on Eden Ave in Edina, MN.

Worth Clark’s ~1,200 current Realtors® gain yet another opportunity to collaborate and grow with a larger network of real estate professionals and increase in-network market-to-market referrals. As the 69th largest independent brokerage in the United States, Worth Clark’s mission is to provide entrepreneurial agents the power and support to control their own success and deliver the promise of ownership for themselves, their clients, and community. They accomplish this through their virtual, agent-owned brokerage platform, which provides on-demand support, 100% compensation, and products built to complement an agent’s business where it is today and where they want to take it tomorrow.

According to their Chief Growth Officer, Ryan Michaelis, WCR’s decision to plant a flag in Minnesota was a well-thought-out process – “Market expansion is always a team effort. It takes time, careful planning, and execution from everyone on our team. The fact that we’ve entered five new states and twelve major markets in the last two and a half years is an accomplishment everyone on our team I feel is proud of. Minnesota, specifically the Twin Cities, was certainly appealing based on the large Realtor® population, but there are several other micro factors when considering opening a brokerage in a new market. The appeal of those factors in this market made the decision an easy one, as compared to other markets that didn’t share that same appeal.”

Worth Clark’s rapid growth also comes at a time when market conditions are forcing many real estate companies into hard decisions, whether that be to pull back significantly on investment, layoff large portions of staff or worse, even close their doors for good. Thanks to some of that careful planning, Michaelis says Worth Clark Realty has found itself in an envious position of avoiding hard decisions. “It’s no secret, it’s hard out there for a broker. Almost daily, we see news stories about company layoffs and closures within the industry. Worth Clark is in such a strong position, even through all of this. We’ve avoided falling into a similar boat because our platform is attracting more and more quality agents, team leaders, and even broker-owners… every day. We strive to provide agents with the best support they can find, no question. The lack of which at other firms is often reason numero uno we’re talking to an agent who’s considering Worth Clark. Sure, 100% compensation is awesome… as is acquiring ownership in our company, passive income through referrals, and so many other opportunities to grow your business that I can’t even name right now. But it all boils down to support. If an agent doesn’t feel supported, it doesn’t matter what you offer. So, we double down on support. I also can’t say enough about our people. Our core team of agent services, marketing, and recruiting personnel, the leadership team, managing brokers, and of course, our agents – they’re all incredible. Providing the best agent experience possible is why we do this.”

Alyssa Granlund takes the helm as Worth Clark Realty’s Designated Broker for the state, Managing Broker for the market, and Market Leader. Alyssa has 30+ years of real estate sales experience and even runs her own training and coaching business.

Worth Clark is and has been one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the United States for several years, with brokerage office locations throughout Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, and now Minnesota. They are considered in the top 0.5% of all real estate companies nationwide. According to Michaelis, ~150 Realtors® book appointments with WCR’s recruiting team monthly to learn more about the brokerage (joinworthclark.com), and ~60 join the company every single month. The productivity of agents joining has significantly increased as well, as market conditions are leading high-performing agents to look for more value, support, and compensation from their broker.



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Worth Clark Realty is a unique real estate brokerage enhanced by technology and driven by relationships. We provide innovative and value-driven services to help people buy, sell, and lease real estate and have been considered as one of the fastest-growing U.S. companies for several years in a row.


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