Meet WCR’s Dallas-Fort Worth Managing Broker!

In 50 words or less, describe who you are.

Howdy Worth Clarkers! I’m Travis, the DFW Managing Broker, and I have helped over 100 clients with nearly $50 million in production. Formerly in Oil and Gas, I am now thriving in McKinney with my wife and three kids. Whether at sports events or family gatherings, I’m passionate about supporting fellow agents on this roller-coaster career path!


What inspired you to start your real estate career?

I have always enjoyed working with my hands, building and fixing things, and that naturally progressed into the desire to start buying houses to remodel, flip, and ultimately build up a portfolio, so what better way than to get my license and become my own client and learn the real estate side of the business!


What was the defining moment you knew you were passionate about helping clients achieve their goals?

It was my second transaction (my first was a gimmie with my parents!). I was sitting for phone time, and my “shift” was almost up when I got a call that a client had been stood up to tour a house. Needless to say, I jumped up and met him at the house fifteen minutes later. We ended up doing four transactions together–buying (I worked the remodel) and then selling for him. I realized that if you aren’t genuinely committed to helping clients out no matter the size of the deal (the house was a total gut job for $75k, which I guess the other agent had better things to do) or the location of the house, you have to be ready to show up no matter what. 


Part of Worth Clark’s mission statement is to help deliver the promise of ownership to our clients and community. How rewarding has this industry been for you, helping so many achieve this dream?

Again, I have helped over 100 families and individuals live out what is truly their “American dream,” and I have helped an investor turn the worst house into a great addition to the street. When you can actually see the impact you have made on people and neighborhoods, there is no better feeling!


What is the best real estate advice you’ve read or received?

Commit… you have to be willing to jump in head first. Real estate is not a dip-your-toes-in kind of business. You really have to be ready, willing, and able to do the work.


New Realtors® often struggle with lead generation and consistency. What would your advice be to a brand new agent attempting to build their business?

Find what you are good at… Facebook, Google Ads, open houses, door knocking (yes, it’s still a thing), and so on. I am still terrible at the first two, but I excelled at running open houses for successful agents in my first brokerage. So much so that I could almost “guarantee” that every month I ran an open house, I would get a client, which is what spring boarded me to get the rookie of the year with almost $5 million in transactions my first year.


What are you passionate about outside of real estate?

I pour everything into my family and friends when I am not listing houses or talking to clients! Everything I work for and towards is to better them and their lives. I have been blessed to be in a position to truly deliver on showing up for them as I promise to show up for my clients.


What does Worth Clark Realty do really well for their agents?

SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT! I have worked with a wide range of brokerages, and each has its perks and drawbacks, but WCR has what I would say is the best in the business. They genuinely support their agents and set them up for long-term success, not just a few successful transactions. 


What was the onboarding experience like at Worth Clark Realty? Would you do it again?

It was truly one of the smoothest and easiest transitions into being ready to hit the ground running without any fuss. That is why I did it twice when I joined as an agent and after went through the broker onboarding!


What would you tell agents who are considering joining Worth Clark?

Like Nike–Just Do It! There are other brokerages, of course, that provide some of the benefits similar to Worth Clark, but none have the whole package from my experience, like Worth Clark. 


About the Author
Kate Notz
Kate Notz is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Worth Clark Realty. She likes helping people, being creative, and spending time with family.