Meet Shelly Mowry, Worth Clark’s New Kansas City Managing Broker!

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In 60 seconds or less, who are you?!

I am a God fearing, compassionate, hard working, and loving individual. I love being around my family and friends and having fun. I enjoy dancing, live music, warm tropical vacations, trying new things and good conversations. I strive to be the best of the best in whatever situation or career I am pursuing. I am a people pleaser and I like helping others be successful. I love being challenged. I am a leader not a follower. I wear my heart on my sleeve and before I lay my head down at night I praise God for everything.


What inspired you to start your real estate career?

Through my own personal home selling experience, I was inspired to embark on a career in real estate to ensure that others never have to endure the disappointment that I did. By understanding the needs of clients, prioritizing effective communication and adopting a client-centric approach, I strive to deliver exceptional service and make profound difference in their lives. I consider it my duty to help clients achieve their real estate goals while providing the care and support they deserve.


What was that moment or time period you knew you had a passion for helping clients achieve their goals?

I have always worked in the customer service industry and helping others makes my heart happy! To watch a new home buyer achieve the dream of home ownership is so fulfilling and rewarding. Helping clients move to the next phase of life, whatever that might be and knowing that they will be taken care of is exciting. When you do good for others, your heart reaps joy.


What is the best real estate advice you’ve read or received?

Love on your new clients, past clients, and future clients. Offer something special that no other real estate agent offers. Continue to stay in contact with past clients beyond the purchase of a home. Always be willing to adapt, change, and overcome whatever obstacle that might be in your way from achieving success.


What are 2-3 nuances of the Kansas City real estate market?

Inventory levels make it hard for first time home buyer to obtain home ownership because the pricing is being driven up. Most homes we do have in the price range are being purchased by investors. Bidding wars are no fun.

New Realtors® often struggle with lead generation, what would your advice be to a brand new agent in building their business?

Be you! Make your conversations intentional with everyone you meet, let them see what you do and love. Give helpful information to them, something of value, and follow up. Everyone is a potential client or business partner.


You’ve been a high performing agent here at Worth Clark. What first attracted you to WCR back when you joined?

I am always looking for the next step. I love the fact that WCR is a small company and growing. The low commission fees and what they have to offer in support is amazing. It fit perfectly with where I was in my career and what I needed. I would say, ultimately, God led me here. I prayed a lot about where to go and after meeting the upper management, I knew this was the one. Everyone is down to earth and helpful and only wants you to succeed.

What would you tell agents in your area who are considering joining Worth Clark?

It is amazing to work for WCR. They offer support that is eager to help you anytime you need anything. You deserve to have your commissions because you work hard for it. They give you leads, tech, and as much as they can to help you be successful. We have incredible upper management that care about your success and WCR is always striving and adapting with the Real Estate Industry. EVERYONE else promises you the world but WCR promises you to grow together and that YOU are your business. I love that they let you run it and don’t micromanage you but are there to support you in anyway they can. As the managing broker, I am here to support you and your success whatever you might need.

What are you most excited about in leading the Kansas City market as Worth Clark’s managing broker?

I have very high ambitions for the KC area and WCR. My hope is that all the agents will know that I am only a phone call away and that they are important. No question is dumb and I am here to support them in any way I can to help them be successful. I want to put WCR on the map in KC so people know our brokerage and look up to us as the top real estate agents and company to work for in the area. I want to create the most enjoyable experience for all agents who work for Worth Clark in KC and help them feel that we are a team working all together.

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