Meet Don Carrington, Worth Clark’s Southwest IL Managing Broker!

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What inspired you to start your real estate career?


I have been in the “Sales” industry since I was a little kid going door to door to sell candy or wrapping paper for little league fundraisers. I fell in love with it then. I am a no fluff, just enough kind of person. I tell people what they need to hear, not want they want to hear. I love to make people laugh, even at my expense. I am loyal, fierce, confident and kind. Most importantly, I will always put someone else’s needs before mine. I am not a perfect person, there has only been one perfect person who walked this earth and I am not him. I am blessed with 4 boys and a wife that loves me for my heart and passion (maybe some of my jokes as well, lol).


What was that moment or time period you knew you had a passion for helping clients achieve their goals?


At my very first closing transaction. It was a rough transaction for multiple reasons. But… when my client signed their last document and they smiled with tears running down their face. I knew then that I found a purpose. 30 days of ups and downs in a real estate transaction is rough, but the 30 seconds of smiling and crying I saw from my client will last a lifetime. To this day I keep a scrap book of all my clients at closing holding their keys. Every client is smiling.


What is the best real estate advice you’ve read or received?


Advice given: Don’t be a “Salesperson”. Your client woke up one day wanting to buy or sell a home. My job is to guide them, advise them and protect them during the transaction.


Advice Read: Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark. ~Jay Danzie~


What are 2-3 nuances of the Southwest Illinois real estate market?


Small town living, next to a big city environment.


Large Military and Veteran presence. Have to know your VA info.


New Realtors® often struggle with lead generation, what would your advice be to a brand new agent in building their business?


First, my second favorite answer/reply is the word, “NO”. When we are little kids we hated to hear the word no. As grown ups, we hate to hear the word no. Embrace the word “NO”. Not every client or phone call will say “YES”. Real Estate is a numbers game. How many NO’s does it take to get to YES! If you don’t know that answer, you’re not tracking your business or numbers properly. Tracking our numbers helps us develop our game plan. You must meet a new person everyday that may need your service now or in the future. If they say no now, find out why. Document it and make sure you follow up with them. Too many agents want every client to buy now. They won’t and you will go broke trying to talk them into it. When you’re talking to new leads/clients that you meet everyday learn to listen to understand. Secondly, too many new agents want to talk about themselves and be “Sale’sy”. Ask questions, listen and write down their responses. When you go to the Doctor, the Doc will ask you why you’re here today to see them. They will listen, then ask questions and then maybe run some tests. We are the same. Find out why they are talking to you today, ask some questions to learn about them and then find them the right home for their situation.


For the past few years you’ve lead a high producing team here at Worth Clark. What first attracted you to WCR in 2019?


Being able to run my business. WCR has always been there to answer any questions or provide guidance when needed. Traditional brokerage models have not changed with the times. WCR is on the forefront of providing their agents all of the latest tech and training opportunities with 7 day a week guidance. WCR is agent focused, not $$$ focused. WCR knows that if they help their agents reach their goals and dreams, WCR will be able to exceed their goals and dreams.


What would you tell agents in your area who are considering joining Worth Clark?


If you are truly wanting to start your business in Real Estate take a look at WCR. WCR will guide you and advise you, but let you run your business they way you need to. WCR is one of the only true 100% commission brokerages. Ditch the splits, ( splits are only good with banana’s and ice cream) monthly fee’s, royalty fee’s, desk fee’s and the list goes on and on. Keep your money in your pocket so you can re-invest in your business and yourself.


What are you most excited about in leading the Southwest Illinois market as Worth Clark’s managing broker?


I am excited to help WCR grow in the Southwest Illinois market and show agents that it is possible to love what you do, make a great living for your family and be a successful business owner just like I dreamed of in 2006. I am excited to tap into my friend list from the Real Estate Coaching and training world so WCR can provide agents all of the tools they need to hit their goals and make their business dreams a reality.


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