Get to Know Worth Clark Agent, Charde Fisher!

In 50 words or less, describe who you are.

I am a woman of integrity, confidence, and passion. I enjoy spending time with my family and helping other families achieve homeownership. I’m a real estate investor, developer, and property manager. I’m a real estate connoisseur!


What inspired you to start your real estate career?

Growing up without a home truly humbled me as a person. It allowed me to appreciate the smaller features of a home and realize that the occupants add the character. The experience of homelessness as a child encouraged me to buy my first home and invest in the same area I once felt helpless in. It feels good investing in my community and helping people understand the importance of homeownership.


What was the defining moment you knew you were passionate about helping clients achieve their goals?

The feeling I had when I purchased my first home is a feeling I want to share with the world! A place to create memories and grow is something I feel everyone deserves to experience.


Part of Worth Clark’s mission statement is to help deliver the promise of ownership to our clients and community. How rewarding has this industry been for you, helping many achieve this dream?

Becoming a Realtor© is the best decision I’ve ever made! Looking at the smiles on my clients’ children’s faces and watching my clients cry happy tears at the closing table makes my journey to real estate worthwhile.


What is the best real estate advice you’ve read or received?

The best real estate advice I’ve ever received is from my mother. My mother once said, “Believe that, receive that, got to have that, that’s why I got that.” Imagine applying this to real estate. Believe that you can obtain homeownership. receive and accept the fact that you are one step closer to generational wealth and imagine having that house that feels like home. Simply imagine making it to the closing table and actually becoming a homeowner! I’m a strong believer in what’s meant for you, is for you! “I sell dream homes, not dreams” – Charde Fisher


What are you passionate about outside of real estate?

I’m very passionate about my family. I’m also a video gamer and dog breeder!


What does Worth Clark Realty do well for its agents?

Worth Clark Realty has really placed me in the position to not only grow as a Realtor©, but as an individual as well. Worth Clark Realty has taught me consistency and given me the tools I need to build relationships with my clients forever!


What was the onboarding experience like at Worth Clark Realty? Would you do it again?

My onboarding experience was great! My broker, Holly, was very helpful during this process and I would definitely do it again!


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Ryan Michaelis is the Chief Growth Officer of Worth Clark Realty.