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In 50 words or less, describe who you are.

If you’ve met me, you would not believe I am an introverted extrovert. I am a third-generation Californian, and my father always said that no matter where I lived, I would carry the California sunshine in my soul and share it with those I have the pleasure to meet. I am sure that is what people see first, besides my smile, which I use freely.


What inspired you to start your real estate career?

A life change that forced me to choose a new path and make it work no matter what. I was a newly single mom and needed flexibility and the possibility of making a very good wage.


What was the defining moment you knew you had a passion for helping clients achieve their goals?

As much as I enjoyed working with traditional clients, it was during the downturn that I realized how important my role was for so many. I became a short sales specialist and helped clients of every demographic and class move through one of the worst moments of their lives. I became the go-to person for local attorneys to call on for testimony on the market and process of a short sale. After nearly four years of that, it was nice to move back to helping my more traditional clients.


Part of Worth Clark’s mission statement is to help deliver the promise of ownership to our clients and community. How rewarding has this industry been for you, helping many achieve this dream?

I am overjoyed when someone says to me, “I don’t think I will ever be able to buy a home.” I go into overdrive, and that’s where my experience and guidance kick in, and we start the conversation on how I am going to help them get there. The longest one took one and a half years before they could buy a home, but we worked together, and I helped them stay on track. What an amazing feeling to be able to help someone reach the goal of homeownership!


What is the best real estate advice you’ve read or received?

Always listen more than you speak. Your job is to do what is best for your client, and listening is the first step.


New Realtors® often struggle with lead generation and consistency. What advice would you give to a new agent attempting to build their business?

Don’t give up. Keep trying and putting yourself out there. Do what no one else is doing. You are unique, and those who are meant to work with you will be attracted to you. Have a plan every day. You are the boss! Act like it. Don’t give up.


What are you passionate about outside of real estate?

Since moving to Florida, I have traded my fishing pole for a pickleball paddle. I try to play very early in the morning, six days a week. Pretty sure my husband tells everyone I am an addict.


What does Worth Clark Realty do really well for their agents?

Hands down, WCR is the most responsive agency out there, with the easiest access to continuous training and growth, looking outward and empowering their agents.


What was the onboarding experience like at Worth Clark Realty? Would you do it again?

It felt like lots of information very quickly, but I realized that each email was just an introduction, and I had the ability to go in and train on anything I needed at any time.


What would you tell agents who are considering joining Worth Clark?

Change is scary, but you are your business, and your clients will follow you. Do something for yourself, and in turn, the move to WCR will benefit your clients.


About the Author
Kate Notz
Kate Notz is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Worth Clark Realty. She likes helping people, being creative, and spending time with family.