Big Box Brokerage Vs. Worth Clark: Featuring the Concierge Real Estate Group

Kansas City, Missouri- What does it take to rise to the top of this changing real-estate landscape? With over 50 years of collective experience, The Concierge Real Estate Group, powered by Worth Clark Realty, is here to spill the BBQ sauce on this growing metropolis and the differences between the traditional Big Box Brokerages and Worth Clark.

Q. How many years has your team (collectively) served the KC area?

A. Collectively our team, Anne, Cathleen, and Jeni have served the KC area for over half-a-century, 58 years!

Q. What drew you and has kept you in the field of real estate?

A. Anne: The desire to be my own boss and run my own business after only working in the corporate world is what personally drew me to the field of real estate. And, I have always had a love for home renovation, design, and décor. My life would have never turned out the way it has if I had not bought my first house on my own. I truly owe all that is dearest to me to that home purchase! I decided to dedicate my professional life to helping others find that same joy.

Q. Why did you choose WCR/ what differentiates WCR from other brokerages?

A. Jeni: We wanted something different- didn’t want to go with another Big Box Real Estate Company. We knew that Real Estate was changing (or needed to change) and we wanted to be a part of that change. We wanted a company with a fresh, new, perspective that was technology-driven and not afraid to break the mold of typical and historical Real Estate Companies. I love that there is not a commission split and only a transaction fee, I love not having to pay a desk fee or any other fee that my brokerage adds-on. We love being able to choose the amount of commission I charge my clients, using our day the way we want to- without the required meetings and training sessions. The flexibility and value mean more money in our pockets, more savings for clients, and a better experience for everyone involved in the transaction.

We could not be happier with our decision to join Worth Clark Realty. We just celebrated our 4-year anniversary on April 25th. This move has been life-changing for us and has given us the opportunity to build the Concierge Real Estate Group the way that we wanted to, and we are so happy with our success so far. Our tag line is “Experience Matters, Expertise Delivers” and we feel that sums up our team completely, and everything about Worth Clark and what they offer their agents supports our model and core values.

Q. What tool/feature of WCR is most helpful to your team?

A. Cathleen: The streamlined, paperless transaction system and CRM/personal websites have been a great tool for us.

Anne: The Back Agent Transaction Management system-It makes it so easy to manage the paperwork involved with a real estate transaction as well as the funding requests. I just love how it integrates with Dotloop! The management staff is tremendous and I do really feel they are committed to our success as agents.

Jeni: I love the technology. I love being able to tell clients that we have a paperless model and that we have a virtual office, and that their real estate experience with us is going to be different than anything they may have experienced before when buying or selling.

Q. What are the 2-3 unique features of the KC real estate market? Anything that would surprise Realtors® from other markets?

A. The Kansas City metro encompasses both Missouri and Kansas. The majority of the city of KC is in Missouri. Most agents are licensed in both states, There is a definite delineation between the North & South KC Metro- most agents specialize in one side.

Q. Do you see the KC market growing, shrinking, etc?

A. Kansas City has and most likely will continue to have a steadily growing market. We do not experience great highs or great lows in real estate cycles, instead, we tend to have a very stable rate of growth. As the popularity of our sports teams grows, I suspect, we will have a few more eyeballs on our city, which might yield a slight increase in future growth. The hope of being one of the host cities for the World Cup soccer tournament and the completion of our new international airport in the next few years might also positively impact growth in the city. Many new large, as well as smaller, boutique hotels, are being built in the city to support a rise in tourism from popular sports and concert venues and surrounding entertainment districts. Many of these visitors turn into future residents! Due to our city’s affordable housing, favorable cost of living, and an embrace of small entrepreneurial business development, Kansas City continues to be a great place to live, work, and play!

Q. Hot real estate areas in KC right now.

A. Some fun areas of new growth are happening in Kansas City! North Kansas City, just north of downtown, for example, was known in the past as a sleepy little community with an older population. Now, it is turning into a bustling new entertainment hub and really attracting a younger crowd of professionals, both single and with young families. Another area in the KC northland seeing recent growth in new home construction in Riverside, MO. This area has the natural beauty of river bluffs with views of the downtown skyline, proximity to the Missouri River, and is very near several great schools in the Park Hill School District. It is also adjacent to miles of beautiful walking trails. More established Mid-town neighborhoods in Missouri just south of the Country Club Plaza as well as just over the state line in Kansas, are always a hot ticket with homes often selling in a matter of hours after hitting the market.

Q. Favorite KC place to eat, drink, or relax.

A. The lawn of the Nelson Atkins Art Gallery, a walk on the Plaza, the patio at Trezo Mare, Brown and Loe, the River Market on a Saturday, and of course some great BBQ!

Q. How have you adjusted your business practices within the past few months?

A. The greatest thing about being an agent with Worth Clark right now is that nothing changed for us. It’s business as usual when it comes to making offers and processing paperwork. Our virtual offices are still up and running! Not having to go to a brick and mortar office and NOT having to go to that office every day to do business is fabulous and at this time a blessing!

Q. What would you say to Realtors® considering joining WCR?

A. Cathleen: Don’t hesitate…you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is a myth that a “name brand” broker offers any more of a benefit to the agent. Prospective clients are loyal to an agent who educates, is competent, ethical, and communicates on a regular basis.

Anne: In the words of Nike, “Just Do It!”. You will not regret making the change. Change is hard, but the benefits are great and the staff is wonderful in helping you through the transition! You will be free to run your business as you wish, yet have support at all times with an email, phone call, Google Hangout, and now a Zoom meeting. Most importantly, you will have more hard-earned money in your pocket! WCR agents are all very supportive of one another from my experience and seem to thrive in our small but mighty group here in Kansas City.

Jeni: This is the BEST time to join Worth Clark. You have been practicing working from home now for weeks, and YOU can do it!

You will receive support from our Brokers, and their response is immediate…often 24/7, you don’t have to wait to go to the office to get advice, help, or get answers to questions. The way you are able to use your time to do your job better and serve your clients more efficiently is incredible. The freedom and flexibility when doing business is priceless, and it not only benefits my team, it benefits our clients. We are able to provide a better customer experience!

Ready to grow with us? Whether you’re a new or experienced agent, reach out now and take advantage of our new Agent Ownership Program, broker support, technology, 100% percent commissions, and training.

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