Agent Access Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy For Agent Access

Last Modified Date: September 5, 2023

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") addresses the ways in which Worth Clark, Inc (“WCR,” "we," "our," or "us") collects, uses, and discloses information in connection with your use of Agent Access (the “App”). References contained in this Policy to "you" or "your" means you, the individual user of the App. If you have any questions or concerns about this Policy, please feel free to contact us utilizing the contact information included at the bottom of this document. 

What Information Does WCR Collect?

The information that we collect from you depends upon your interactions with the App. 

  • If you download, install, and choose to use the App, we will ask that you get started by logging into your existing account created for you. For new user accounts, we collect your first name, last name, email address, phone number, a password, and your agreement to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (collectively, “Account Registration Information”). In connection with your account registration we will confirm the phone number that you have provided us belongs to you by sending you an OTP code via SMS text message. 

  • After you have created a user account, we will request your permission for us to access your location. If you grant us your affirmative consent, we will collect your location information (“Location Information”). 

  • The main landing page of our App will take you to the user’s Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you may navigate to any new notable items displayed in your Dashboard, or your Feed, Referrals, Agent Center, or your Account.

  • From the Feed page, you have the option to review posts, comment on posts, send a message to a user, or share another user’s post that is visible to you from your Feed (collectively, “Feed Information”).

  • Our Referrals feature enables you to post a new referral. If you choose to post a new referral, we will collect information about the referral type, referral location, referral percentage, price point, and subscription (collectively, “New Referral Information”). Our Referrals feature also enables you to review “My Referrals,” which displays a list name, price point, location, and referral percentage. You may also view a list of those users who you have “Applied to” for referrals, which will display a list of those users. If you click on a user’s name, you will be directed to that user’s profile within the App.

  • In connection with your use of the notification of local referrals functions, if you have given us consent to do so, we will collect your Location Information.

  • If you select “Chat With Us”, you will chat directly with a live employee and we will collect the content you send through chat, as well as information about how you accessed the chat, such as device type, browser type, and which version of the mobile app you have.

  • If you select “FAQs”, you can access several self-help support articles. We will anonymously collect the number of views per article.

  • If you select “Events”, a list of events are displayed from our back-office calendar.

  • If you select the “Vendors” feature within the Agent Center, we will collect information about the type of profession or type of services that you are interested in locating, and will collect and save user posted ratings/reviews of each vendor to display to other users (“Professional Information”).

  • If you selected “Agent Tech”, a list of available partner vendors will be displayed, and you can access their respective websites.

  • A calculator feature is included within the Agent Center, which enables you to calculate commissions, mortgage details, Seller Net, and Buyer’s closing figures. 

  • In order to calculate the commission total on a sale, we will collect the price of the home and the commission percentage (“Commission Calculation Information”).

  • If you desire to calculate the loan amount, number of payments, monthly principal and interest, we will collect information from you about the home price, down payment, annual interest rate, and the number of years over which you desire to pay back the loan (collectively, “Mortgage Calculation Information”).

  • In the event that you choose to use the Seller Net Calculator, we will collect information from you about the property location; estimated closing date; transaction type; sale price; loan amount; loan payoff(s); property taxes; title & escrow amounts; costs & credits; and recording & transfer taxes (collectively, “Seller Net Calculation Information”).

  • Should you choose to use the Buyer Closing Calculator, we will collect information from you including the property location; estimated closing date; transaction type; sale price; loan type; earnest money deposit; down payment; loans & prepaid amounts; property taxes; title & escrow amounts; closing costs; credits’ recording fees & transfer taxes (collectively, “Buyer Closing Calculation Information”).

  • Finally, if you choose to navigate to the “Me” tab in the App, you will be taken to your account page where you may complete or update your Account Registration Information, add a tagline to your profile, add cities where you list real estate, change your Location Information, link social media accounts, toggle through and change the App Settings, chat with support, access support articles, or delete your App account altogether.. If you choose to toggle through the App’s settings, we will collect information about your desired changes.

How Does WCR Use the Information It Collects

The manner in which we use the information collected through the App depends upon your interactions with us on and through the App as detailed below:

  • We use your Account Registration Information in connection with creating your account with our App and providing you with the features and functionality incorporated in our App as set forth more fully in our Terms and Conditions, which are incorporated by reference herein.

  • We use your Location Information to provide you with location-based features and content, including notifications of local referral solicitations. 

  • Your Feed Information is used to carry out whatever operation you have selected. For example, if you choose to comment on a post, send another user a message, or share another user’s post, we will use your information to fulfill your chosen operation.

  • New Referral Information that is inputted by you into the App for interaction with other users is displayed to those users so that they may apply for your referral. To the extent you apply for a referral solicitation from another user, your name and profile information will be available for that user to see.  

  • News Information is used to display the content and information that you have selected to be displayed within the App. 

  • Professional Information provided by you to us is used to filter our list of professionals down to those who perform the specific services or provide the specific goods that you are looking to acquire. 

  • In connection with your use of the Calculator function:

    • We will use your Commission Calculation Information to provide you with a calculation of sales commission. 

    • We will use any Mortgage Calculation Information to provide you with a calculation of the loan amount, number of payments for the loan, monthly principal and interest. 

    • We will use any Seller Net Calculation Information to provide you with the Seller Net calculation. 

    • If you choose to use the Buyer Closing Calculator, we will use the Buyer Closing Calculation Information to calculate the Buyer closing figures.  

  • We use the information you provide us in connection with your use of the Me tab or page of the App to fulfill your requests. For example, if you choose to change the App settings, including your Account Registration Information, we will perform the desired function and update any of such information that you choose to change.

Does WCR Share the Information it Collects with Third Parties?

When you successfully register for an Agent Access account, your information is shared with other App users as described in this Policy, including when you choose to comment on another user’s post, create your own post for users to see, contact another user with our message center, or make yourself available to be displayed in connection with a referral network search.  If another APP account user selects your post or name to view your profile, or to navigate to your social networking pages we will either display the information you have chosen to include on your profile, including any profile picture, email address, telephone number, biographical information, skills, and personal website address or we will allow the user to launch the appropriate social media app or web browser so that user may review your content on third party social media sites.

Third Party Service Providers

In connection with making our App and services available to you, we utilize a number of third party service providers. Our third party service providers include data, web, and mobile applicable hosting companies, payment card processors, telecommunication providers, software, advertising, marketing, and email service providers. We will disclose your information to these service providers to the extent relevant for those third party service providers to render their services to WCR. We do not permit these third party service providers to use personal information, such as your name, email address, telephone number, mailing address, or payment card information, for any purposes other than to render their services to us. In the event that we do desire to provide your information to a third party for any marketing-related purposes, we will seek your consent in accordance with any applicable law.

We use third party marketing and advertising service providers who collect and compile contact information about persons who may have an interest in our App in connection with the services they provide to us. We require these service providers to adhere with applicable law in connection with providing their services to us. 

Legal Compliance

We reserve the right to disclose your information to the extent necessary, as determined in our sole discretion, in order for WCR to comply with its legal obligations, such as in response to a subpoena, court order, or request from a judicial or governmental authority. We will also disclose your information, to the extent relevant, in order to protect the rights of WCR, its property, or the safety of its employees, customers and other third parties.

Sale of the Company

If WCR, or substantially all of its assets are sold to a third party, or we reorganize, or merge into another organization, we will disclose the information that we have collected and maintain about you, including your personal information, which will be among the assets transferred as part of the transaction with the third party. 

Third Party Hyperlinks

The WCR App includes hyperlinks to third party websites and applications (each and collectively, a “Third Party Website”), which are not owned or controlled by WCR. These Third Party Websites include personal websites of other users and social networking sites, which may be included in an WCR user's profile. Please be advised that WCR does not have any control over any content, information, business or privacy practices of any Third Party Website. We encourage you to carefully review the privacy policies and any other related terms and conditions in connection with your use of Third Party Websites. Under no circumstances will WCR or its officers, directors, or employees be liable to any party for the content, information, business, or privacy practices of Third Party Websites.

Policy Regarding Children's Online Privacy

WCR is especially concerned about the privacy of children browsing the internet. Accordingly, we do not solicit personal information from or market to children under the age of 13. Furthermore, if you are under the age of 18 or otherwise classified as a minor in your state or country, do not provide us with any personal information. You may only register for an WCR account if you are at least 18 years old. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child that you believe has provided us with personal information, please contact us immediately to have this information deleted from our system.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

WCR reserves the right to update and change this Policy at any time as we determine in our sole discretion. When we update this Policy, we will also update the "Last Modified Date" listed at the top of this document in order to assist you with determining when our Policy was last revised. In the event that we make a material change to the manner in which we collect or disclose information, we will provide you with notice of the change on the main page of our App or we will request your consent to the change, where required by applicable law. It is your responsibility to regularly check this document for updates and to keep yourself advised of the terms of this Policy as they are legally binding upon you. If you do not agree with a particular change or term of this Policy, you must immediately cease your use of and delete the App. Under circumstances where you do not agree with this Policy and have subscribed to an WCR account, you must contact us to advise us of the substance of your disagreement and to learn about your options to terminate your account. 

Do Not Track Signals or Requests

At this time, WCR does not honor "Do Not Track" signals or requests from internet browsers because there is no standard for responding to such requests.

Your Options Regarding the Personal Information You Provide WCR

If you would like to review, correct, update, or delete any of your personal information, such as your first and last name, telephone number, email address, mailing address, or profile information, you may do so by editing your account information on the “Me” tab of the App. Alternatively, and to the extent you are not an WCR account holder, you may contact us to make such a request using the contact information provided below. Please describe your request clearly and provide us with sufficient information to enable us to locate your information to fulfill your request or to enable us to contact you for additional information as may be necessary to locate your information.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Policy, please contact us via email at [email protected].