Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador is a passive income opportunity for successful agent referrals. Agents at Worth Clark earn a portion of each sale transaction fee or subscription plan payment collected from agents they refer in to the company!

If we have the opportunity to speak with an agent referral, 80% of the time they join Worth Clark! Overall, over 60% of agents joining our brokerage are referred in by our agents.

Join our team and start earning passive income today!


How does Brand Ambassador work? Simple, you earn each time we collect a (sale) transaction fee or subscription plan payment from an agent you referred and who joined WCR, for as long as you and that agent are active at Worth Clark!

What is an agent referral? An agent referral is someone with whom you’ve had a warm starter conversation about Worth Clark. We don’t expect you to know the ins and outs of brokerage operations and answer every question your referral may have. After all, you are not a recruiter. So, refer them to us at and let our team do the rest!

How are referrals confirmed? When an agent joins Worth Clark, they are requested to list the name of any current Worth Clark agent who referred them on their Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA).

When do we get paid? All Brand Ambassador residual earnings are tallied and paid in a lump sum on a quarterly basis.



We look forward to answering all of your questions and discussing potentially growing your business at Worth Clark!

If you'd like to speak with us now, call us directly at 855-991-6669.

Agent Testimonials

"Our team, the Concierge Real Estate Group has been with Worth Clark Realty for several years now. We had all previously worked together for a large brokerage in Kansas City where we were finding ourselves wanting to do business differently and without some of the constraints that often come with being a part of a large firm."

Anne RothersKansas City, MO

“For me, Worth Clark checks all the right boxes. Kudos to Worth Clark's leadership and support teams. The company they're building is amazing, and the culture is a perfect fit for me.”

Bob Wahl
Bob WahlSt. Louis, MO