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Kristen Waterman

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Kristen Waterman

In Kristen's first year at Worth Clark Realty, she pocketed $40K MORE that would have otherwise been paid to her previous boutique brokerage...

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“This year alone, I’ve kept an extra $40,000!"

- Kristen Waterman

"I love the overall philosophy of Worth Clark Realty and the resources & tools made available to all the agents."

Adam Sarih
Adam SarihSouthwest Illinois REALTOR®

"WCR has given me the flexibility to put my family first and run my business how I see fit. The technology allows me to work whenever and wherever I am!"

Tasha Coleman
Tasha ColemanKansas City REALTOR®

Staci Jerina

As a new agent, Staci Jerina shares about the mentorship program, tools, training, and the camaraderie she has experienced with fellow Worth Clark agents. 

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"I’ve met so many great agents at Worth Clark. It’s been a really good dynamic with all that interaction."

- Staci Jerina

"The three of us (Jeni Minor, Cathleen Roby and Anne Rothers) have been with Worth Clark Realty for several years now. We had all worked together as individual agents for a large brokerage in Kansas City, where we were finding ourselves wanting to do our business differently and without some of the constraints that often come with being a part of a large brokerage firm. As for the past few years since joining the company, we each have had our best years since being in the business. We are confident that this will continue as we employ our own initiatives and strategies to grow our business with complete support from Worth Clark Realty."

Anne Rothers
Anne RothersKansas City REALTOR®

"I chose to join the WCR team a few months ago and haven’t looked back! As a new agent, I was hoping to find support yet flexibility in a brokerage, and that’s just what Worth Clark Realty has offered. Our weekly updates, intranet, and agent events offer training and support as often or as little as you choose to participate, and the low brokerage fees, flexible schedule, and unlimited potential give me the autonomy I was looking for in this career and flexibility to offer my clients what works for them. My first few months at WCR have been fantastic, and I’m just getting started! Thank you, Worth Clark Realty!"

Kristen Beahm
Kristen BeahmSt. Louis REALTOR®