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“The three of us (Jeni Minor, Cathleen Roby and Anne Rothers) have been with Worth Clark Realty for almost one year now.  We had all worked together as individual agents for a large brokerage in Kansas City, where we were finding ourselves wanting to do our business differently and without some of the constraints that often come with being a part of a large brokerage firm.  So, after some research, we were intrigued by the business model that Worth Clark was offering.  Upon requesting more information, we were quickly able to schedule a meeting with Bryan Bowles and Jake Riordan.  It was during this meeting that we really felt a connection with the philosophy of Worth Clark, the business values that were shared, and the strategy/plans for the future of the company.  We really felt like we had found a partner who shared in our belief that the industry is changing, and a company that not only believed this, but embraced this change with strategic initiatives in the works.

Since joining, we have been very pleased, with zero regrets!  Here are some of the top reasons:

  • Ability to Build our Own Brand
  • Commission Structure
  • Office Support
  • Owner/Broker Support (Corporately and Locally)
  • Technology (Cloud Office) Efficient Agent Intranet/BackAgent Programs​
  • Forward Thinking/Out of the Box Strategic Focus
  • Agent & Client Focused Business Model
  • Freedom & Flexibility
  • Fortune 500 Company
  • Rental/Property Management Program To Serve Client Needs
  • Available Training
  • Agent Referral Opportunities as Company Grows

We are confident and excited for what being a part of Worth Clark will mean in the future.  As for this past year since joining the company, we each had one of our best years since being in the business.  We are confident that this will continue as we employ our own initiatives and strategies to grow our business with complete support from Worth Clark Realty.”

– Anne Rothers, REALTOR®

“Worth Clark Realty is a innovative company that allows realtors the freedom to customize their business to meet their ideal business goals. Their Back Agent system is extremely easy to navigate, which makes being an independent in this industry a breeze, plus their set commission structure makes every closing much more empowering at the closing table!

– Precious Boyd, REALTOR®

“I have been with Worth Clark for over one year now and must tell anyone who is interested that it is a perfect place for me and my business model. I have been a Realtor since 2007.  I spend the majority of my time searching for, acquiring, and rehabbing properties. I do some conventional real estate usually helping friends, family, previous people I have helped, and even those whose home I am acquiring for renovation.

Worth Clark’s back office system is very user friendly.  I definitely do not consider myself a “techie”, but I find it very easy to navigate our system for listings and contracts paperwork.
I would strongly recommend to anyone considering making a change to spend a little time researching what Worth Clark has to offer.”

– Greg Lemasters, REALTOR®

“I have to say it was the best decision I made to move to Worth Clark Realty.  I love the fact that my hard work comes with 100% reward and not having to split my commission like other agencies is the best part. I always charge an additional compensation fee of $400.00 and that pays WCR and I keep the rest!  The tools that WCR includes along with the E&O where most agencies charge a monthly fee is also something I find to be a great benefit. I would also like to pay a compliment to Bryan Bowles and Steven Barks they both have great work ethic, very professional and supportive.  I have learned in just the two short years I have been with WCR they are there when the situation calls for them to be.  Just one example if a deal goes south on inspections and you need a mutual release signed I just text and let them know its in their inbox for a signature and it is always returned as quickly as possible.  It is a great business model that works for me.”

– Teresa Fuqua, REALTOR®

“After being in the real estate business for 32 years, joining Worth Clark realty has been the best career choice I have ever made! It is the best fit for me. I’m able to run my own business the way I like. Plus, having fantastic company support, top notch systems, programs and marketing, all make what I do so much easier. And I get to keep all of the commission…just doesn’t get much better than that!”

– Debbie Sigler, Broker-Salesperson, REALTOR®

Having the technology and a strong brand to support me in my business was important and, after debating and researching other brokers in the area, Worth Clark was the one that stood out.  My business has grown, as we are constantly exceeding goals every month and I contribute that growth and success to Worth Clark Realty.

– Gary Newton, REALTOR®

“Worth Clark allows me to run my business how I see fit. I can make exceptions for clients when I need to, without jumping through corporate hoops. They allow me to brand myself to continue to grow my business. The technology is second to none, and very user friendly. We have training at our finger tips, 24/7. The staff is very easy to work with and very SUPPORTIVE. My commission split has allowed me to make more money than I ever had and they do not charge extra fees! My check is to me within hours of closing. Because of Worth Clark, my sales have jumped 44% and outperformed the market by 47% in sales volume closed. It doesn’t get any better than this!”

– Debbie Wellington, REALTOR®

I LOVE Worth Clark Realty! I was worried that making the transition would be difficult, but the office staff was so responsive and helpful, it was a non-issue and the transition was simple and smooth. Our broker responds to texts/calls/emails very promptly with his expert advice, as needed. I thought it was too-good-to-be-true that I would be keeping 100% of my commission, especially after paying a large percentage of each commission to my former company for many years, but IT’S TRUE! And, I can pass these savings on to my clients. In my view, EVERY agent should join WCR instead of giving away such huge cuts out of their commissions! The leadership of WCR is forward-thinking, friendly, helpful, resourceful, and tech savvy, to just name a few qualities. I wish I would have made the switch to WCR years ago!

– Louise Shapleigh, REALTOR®

“I can actually say that I had more support from Worth Clark Realty in the first few days than I did with [national franchise broker] in a year and a half!”

– Joni Favazza Jordan, Broker-Salesperson, REALTOR®

Worth Clark is the first real estate home that fits my work style and allows me more opportunities to benefit my clients. I am supported with great technology, a responsive and intelligent broker, operations support, and a dedicated agent services expert. The fact that WCR corners the market in leasing and property management adds bonus support to my clients and more opportunities for me as an agent.

– Susan Clark, REALTOR®

“Worth Clark truly provides me all the latest software and tools in addition to the freedom to run by own business and be very successful at it, without all the requirements or fees/commission splits you’ll find at other brokerages.”

– Ryan Michaelis, REALTOR®

My reasons for choosing Worth Clark Realty are very simple. Worth Clark offer all the important technology that I need to operate at a high level and provide top notch service to my clients, and I get to keep more of my commissions, which allows me to re-invest in my business and provide a better quality of life for my family.

– Alan Woodhouse, REALTOR®

Moving my license to WCR was a no brainer! This is my business and I take it very seriously. It is my name and reputation, so at WCR I am the one who is making all the money. Thank you, WCR, for being paperless and there for me, should I ever need you.

– Kristin Dodson, REALTOR®

“I’ve been a Realtor for over 15 years and I was considering becoming a broker and starting my own firm to maximize my compensation. Instead I switched to Worth Clark Realty because they provided all the benefits I was seeking; higher compensation, extremely low fees, free access to wide array of resources to manage and grow my business, and a professional environment. I’ve achieved more in 1 year at Worth Clark Realty then I had in the previous 15 years at other firms.”

– Chancellor Wiley, REALTOR®

“After 4 brokers over the course of 7+ years and almost 200 closed sales, I have found a company that offers the perfect fit for my business. The tech-driven, mobile-office approach is a more freeing dynamic than I could have possibly imagined. Worth Clark is committed to taking our business to the next level! A rising tide lifts all boats!”

– Ryan Wiedman, REALTOR®

“Worth Clark Realty is a great company to work for. I like it particularly for two reasons. First, they have flexible commission plans to fit all types of agents. As a salesperson, you can pick a split structure that fits you best and allows you to retain the most from the proceeds. Secondly, there is no mandated floor time. You are not required to fulfill any office obligation if you don’t want to. The broker and the staff are supportive, and I can focus on the business to be more productive.”

– Jie Shen, REALTOR®

“Joining Worth Clark Realty was the best business decision I’ve made regarding Real Estate! The freedom and flexibility you have regarding the servicing of your Client is unmatched in this industry. Worth Clark Realty is a high tech broker with a forward moving vision, and who can’t use 100% commission? The commission structure is awesome, and walking away with my commission check at the closing table is always rewarding! I highly recommend this Broker to new agents as well as veteran agents, come join our team.”

– Angela V. Thomas, REALTOR®

I love Worth Clark Realty! I love the low commission structure and great broker support. This is the future of real estate!

– Colleen Fink, REALTOR®

“I have been with Worth Clark for nearly a year now and absolutely love every minute of it. The brokers are extremely knowledgeable about any type of transaction I am working with and very quick to respond to any questions I may have. I believe I have found my “broker for life”. The entire office staff is very friendly and easy to communicate with. Since I am on the property management side, I deal with many transactions and paid on-time, every time. I had a income expectation in mind and Worth Clark provided me the tools to meet that. The technology that we use at Worth Clark is phenomenal and VERY user friendly. I came from one of the “big time” real estate companies that claimed so much and charged so many fees. I could not imagine paying a 30 to 40 percent commission to a broker. The commission split here is a no-brainer… and I cherish the family-style brokerage that Worth Clark provides. I found my place in Real Estate and a brand I love, Worth Clark Realty.”

– Matt Adams, REALTOR®


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