Worth Clark Welcomes Texas Managing Broker

Meet Chris Venable, Worth Clark’s New Managing Broker in Texas!

Chris Venable is our new Managing Broker for the Dallas-Fort Worth and Tyler, Texas markets. He started in the financial services industry but soon figured out that real estate was where he belonged. As an outgoing person who loves working directly with customers, he knew real estate was for him. He aspires to help and support agents so they can have successful transactions. Read a little more about Chris in this short Q&A-style blog.

Q: What inspired you to start your real estate career?

I worked in the financial services industry for years. I knew being a real estate agent would be an asset for me since it is a client-facing role. I’ve always been told that I’m a great negotiator and that I would be successful in sales. I studied to obtain both California and Texas real estate licenses. I worked for years as a buyers agent, listing agent, and manager for a well-known Seattle-based real estate brokerage. I loved coaching and mentoring agents while assisting customers with buying and selling homes as well. Being a broker was just naturally the next step in my career. 

 Q: What was that moment or time period you knew you had a passion for helping clients achieve their goals?

My first time working with first-time buyers. My first customers in real estate were first-time buyers and it was very rewarding for them to close on their first home. They saved money for years after college and got a job that paid well in order to buy their first home. I love closing day and seeing how excited customers are to receive keys to their new homes! 

Q: What is the best real estate advice you’ve read or received?

When I was new to real estate, a peer in the industry let me know the best way to be successful in sales is to ensure you follow up with your customers even if they may not respond at first. Another best practice I learned was to be a “chameleon” when working with so many different types of personalities. 

Q: What are 2-3 nuances of the Texas real estate market(s)?

A real estate transaction is like a roller coaster at times. It is best to communicate with your customers that hurdles may arise in a transaction but to reassure them to be patient because you will make it to the finish line- closing! Agents are there to support their clients and comfort them through the process so they are happy buyers or sellers.

Q: New Realtors® often struggle with lead generation, what would your advice be to a brand new agent in building their business?

Focus on sphere customers such as friends, family, and other acquaintances. Make a list of your sphere customers from Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and ensure consistent follow-up with them. Look for alternate lead generation solutions where you may not have to pay a fee until you close on the transaction. Those are great! Be creative and talk to your real estate peers for additional suggestions. If you’re not getting leads, you can even hand out business cards at new home construction communities. Across Texas, there are many new home construction communities. Get out there and meet people in the field. Go to different organizations that have realtor meet-ups and contact your local real estate MLS to see if there are any regular meetings you can attend. Networking is the key! You can’t sit at home, on your computer, and wait for leads to come to you. You have to be out in the field, be aggressive, and be creative with how you attract new leads. 

Q: Although Worth Clark Realty has established itself in many markets, making a switch to a brokerage new to your market can be stressful and there can be many unknowns. What first attracted you to Worth Clark?

I really liked the model of having broker support. Worth Clark offered various lead sources, a great CRM, and compliance support. Having a support network is something a lot of brokerages don’t have. I felt it offered the nicest people that I have met in the business. I was super impressed with how professional the leaders were at the company. I’m very impressed with all the leadership at Worth Clark, our support and compliance teams, and the lead generation assistance. Also, the fees are phenomenal. The low agent fees are almost impossible to beat, especially with all the additional tools they provide you.

Q: Has the transition from one brokerage to another been stress-free?

Yes, completely. I’ve not been stressed. I’ve had so much support and plenty of resource tools to lead the Dallas market. I’ve had very quick responses to my questions from broker peers and leadership!

Q: What would you tell agents in your area who are considering joining Worth Clark?

Brokerage support, digital tools, lead resources, and a CRM available are impossible to find for the fees that you pay. I love how the company requires agents to provide their contract documents to our compliance team. The agents get a lot of guidance from their brokers and compliance to help minimize risks through the transaction for their buyers and sellers. We also make time to schedule peer-to-peer gatherings to help support each other.

Q: What are you most excited about in leading the Dallas-Fort Worth and Tyler markets as Worth Clark’s managing broker?

I’m excited to help build and develop a team of successful agents. I’m also excited to be there to support them with any challenging real estate questions, complicated transactions, and ensure their customers are happy. I am here as a second voice or a second ear. I want to provide guidance and make sure they’re doing things correctly, avoiding any missteps, and meeting all TREC requirements. The ultimate goal is to achieve a smooth sailing transaction.



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