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Seeking a rewarding career that challenges you to be your best self while serving your community? Then meet Ashley Travers, founder of the Travers Realty Group. Ashley’s ever-more successful Realtor® career is fueled by personal passion, dedication, and the desire to positively impact her community. We sat down with Ashley to learn more about this journey, the HERO families she serves, and why she chose Worth Clark Realty as her broker of choice.

Q.How long have you been a Realtor® and what inspired you to start this journey?

A. Four years! My husband was a First Responder and I had just had our second son. I was exhausted with the stress, hours, and the hardship his career path caused. So, I set my mind to do something different and got my license. I had a passion for helping families like ours, and quickly developed my BACK THE BRAVE home buying, selling, and building program for Hero Families- which took off fast and truly made me feel I was making a difference, while also enjoying my new careers!

Q. When did you decide to leverage your individual success and look into building a team?

A. I became very busy, very fast- helping First Responder Families. I quickly realized that I wasn’t able to handle the volume I was seeing (close to 7 Million sold in my first year)! It was time to bring on a Buyer’s Agent to help me better serve my families. This concept of team building enabled me to realize my passion for passing on my knowledge and skills to others who are looking to grow their business.

It is exciting to show other Realtors® how to leverage an amazing book of business of their own. One that they could create from a passion, rather than prospecting. It’s a very fun and fulfilling way of real estate that I love to teach.

Q. What advice would you give to Realtors® who are considering building their team?

A. Understand that taking responsibility for grooming other agents, means you are on call 24/7. You now have an obligation to your agents, alongside your clients. This will require more time, resources, and a stronger mindset. Learning to create systems is a skill, and is absolutely necessary for your own success as well as your team’s success.

Q. You were recently named the 2018 SCCAR Realtor® Salesperson of the year! What factors that helped you win that award continue to make you a top-producer now?

A. I remember sitting there in total shock at the banquet and just crying! Giving back to the First Responder community is a top priority for me. I have lived that life and seen what these families really sacrifice. I’ll do anything and everything possible to help fill the gaps where I can for them. That’s why I spend so much time advocating, volunteering, and sponsoring specifically targeted events for them, such as my First Responder’s Breakfast with Santa.

I believe this passion for my mission, mixed with my sales volume, was the reason for this amazing recognition. The moment, of receiving the SCAR award, continues to motivate me to this day!

Q. The real estate market has been markedly different this year- how have you and your team adapted?

A. I am so proud of my team and the level heads that they have kept during 2020. I’ve spent a lot of time continuing to push and encourage them during the time we spent quarantined. We revisited past clients, started new planning, and systematic changes to prepare for a dynamic future.

Additionally, we got “back to basics” and used the time to really restructure and re-center. It was amazing to catch up with so many of our past families! Because we purposefully dedicated ourselves to work through these unpredictable times, as the world opens up, we are well leveraged to have our BEST year yet!

Q. What initially attracted you to Worth Clark Realty?

A. A brokerage is complex and something that many don’t understand. Worth Clark’s set up allows me to sort of have a “baby brokerage” of my own, and gives me the tools to leverage something amazing without the old broker structure that I believe is slowly dying. WCR just made sense for me and my current situation- I have 2 young boys, one who was recently diagnosed with Autism. Additionally, I believe having a large office with a lot of growing agents will help me in many ways. The systems and technology are amazing, and I think in this current market these things make a huge difference. It’s been a wonderful transition!

Q. What do you feel are the best aspects of WCR’s virtual brokerage model?

A. The simplicity! Everything is in one place, easily accessible, and glitch-free. I am CONSTANTLY on the go, as are my teammates. We are operating on a new level where having a virtual model is much more convenient, as we are daily trying to help as many clients as we can. We are really enjoying this change.

Q. Changing brokerages is a big move and can be very stressful for an agent, let alone an entire team. Why did you feel a move to Worth Clark Realty would be beneficial for you and your team?

A. I was BEST friends with my previous broker and that was well known. Leaving was an extremely difficult decision. But, I truly believe in order to grow in business you have to constantly and continuously educate and learn new processes, models, and systems. This change will allow me time, space, and ideas- so my team and I can better serve our clients, as I conquer my next move of becoming a broker.

Q. Agents new to the business often struggle with generating leads. What have you found works best in starting conversations with potential leads?

A. My motto has always been to find something you LOVE to do and bring real estate to IT. Be authentic and lead with HEART. The business will follow.

This Year I’m projected to do close to 15 million in individual sales, and my team should close around 27 million. We do no spend time cold calling or door knocking. We get involved in our community and we lead from a place of passion. This not only generates plenty of businesses, but it also brings strong fulfillment to every aspect of your life.

Questions for the Travers Team:

Q. What Neighborhoods in St. Louis/St. Charles, are you seeing the highest levels of activity?

A. St. Charles Count, South County (Affton areas), and Rockwood Schools.

Q. What tools do you use to connect virtually to your teammates?

A. Mostly Facebook and Zoom at this time! The power of Facebook is amazing on so many levels when you know how to properly use it!

Q. What are your go-to cafes/coffee shops/etc in the area (sans COVID-19) to meet your clients?

A. Kelsey is an equestrian who has a successful YouTube page and an incredible following, along with a niche client base of fellow equestrians. You can find her at the barn!

Kylee loves Upshot Coffee and F45- she enjoys a good latte and a great workout!

April is the busiest girl we know. You’ll find her front and center with her clients- when she’s not on listing appointments or out on showings, she’s packing with them, helping them paint their new homes, or out helping them with yard work. She’s a big online boutique shopper and loves supporting small businesses!

Tracy is heavily involved in her neighborhood, and you can find her at Moudy’s Bar and Grill or Jim and Debs- singing karaoke and bringing smiles and laughs to everyone around her.

For Ashley, she’s always working but loves a good Starbucks meeting or an avocado toast from First Watch. Cobalt Smoke and Sea in Creve Coeur is a Blue Line family-owned restaurant and she loves sitting outside on Wednesday nights, listening to their live acoustic music.

If you’re around any of these places, be sure and say Hello! We can’t wait to meet our fellow agents and partners!

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About the Author
Steven Barks is the President & CEO of Worth Clark Realty.