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Ready to Commit to a Big Mission and Awesome Values?

If So, There Might be a Place for You on Our Team.

In our two most recent blogs, we’ve written frank, honest advice about why buyers may be paying too much for their homes and why it may be beneficial to wait and sell your home later—even though the market is strong. This sort of advice isn’t in our own economic self-interest: If we sell more homes at a higher price, we make more money.

That’s just how real estate works.

However, that isn’t how we work.

When I started this business, the idea wasn’t to make a quick buck. In fact, when I started Worth Clark Realty, no one was making any bucks in real estate, much less quick ones.

My goal also wasn’t to build a profitable brokerage and then sell it.

My goals were (and still are) to create a company worthy of being named after my grandfather, and to make real estate and property management a more transparent, customer-oriented business through the use of innovation and technology.

Creating a company worthy of my grandfather’s name means we emphasize our values in a big way.  Those values remind our team to:

  • Focus on the customer experience.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Practice kindness.
  • Advocate positivity.
  • Take ownership.
  • Challenge the status quo.
  • Deliver results.
  • Have nothing to hide.
  • Represent fairness.

You’ll notice none of our values emphasize or even reference being the biggest, most dominant brokerage in the market. It’s not that we don’t value being the best—we do—but to us being the best means doing the best work for our teammates and customers. We believe that by doing that we beat the competition in the metric that matters most: providing our customers and the people who work with and for us with an experience they can’t find anywhere else.

We are and will continue to be a company worthy of our name because of our values. Our other goal—changing real estate and property management for the better using innovation and technology—means we’ve invested a lot of resources to begin building technology-oriented tools that will make buying, selling, and renting your home a more customer-focused process. While I’m not ready to disclose exactly what we’re developing, I can tell you I’m really excited about the future of this company.

Why am I sharing all of this?

Because to achieve our vision, we need passionate, committed people on our team. We need people who believe in our values, are excited about the opportunity to be a part of creating something completely new, and believe that being part of a small, dynamic team is one of the best professional experiences they’ll ever have.

I’m incredibly grateful that we have so many people on our team right now who feel the same way.

Our team, and its belief in our values and commitment to our vision, is the biggest reason why we’ve been named one of the best places in the St. Louis region to work for the last two years, and why we were #89 on last year’s Inc. 500.

But we’re not done doing big things, and our team isn’t complete. Right now, we are hiring for a few positions. You can check our jobs page to learn about specific positions, and we always appreciate résumés from talented people in our industry.

However, before you send your résumé, know this: Worth Clark Realty is in it for the long haul. I am personally in it for the long haul. Our team that has worked hard to build this business is in it for the long haul. Because of that, I need anyone who joins our team to be in it for the long haul.

If that sounds like you, look at the positions we have available and contact us.

I hope you join us on our mission.

Because if you do, we’re going to do some amazing things together.

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Bryan Bowles
President & CEO
Worth Clark Realty