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If you are putting in 100% of the work, why shouldn’t you earn 100%?

 Who wouldn’t want a career in real estate?

The complete flexibility, entrepreneurship setting, and ability to run your life the way you want is why I decided that this was the best fit for me. I joined Worth Clark in 2013 after a successful career in leasing and property management with a developer in St Louis, MO…. but I was lacking the ability to run my own business which I had a strong desire to do. Worth Clark has provided me the tools and resources to grow my business the way I want. It’s a great match for an experienced agent that knows the daily tasks involved with running your own business and has the grit to make it work, everyday.

After spending 4 years in the St Louis market and the company booming to expand…Denver was a no-brainer for me. Beyond the weather and people, Denver has one of the hottest real estate markets right now and it’s not cooling off. I chose to accept the position as Managing Broker for Colorado to offer my expertise and knowledge in over 300 real estate transactions, between sales and leasing, to new and seasoned agents that need someone to bounce ideas off of and be a support tool for anything real estate related.

In my spare time, I truly enjoy being around my two dogs, hiking in Boulder, and exploring what Colorado has to offer. I have met many new friends and networking partners in Denver that I deeply care about the relationships we build, it is a breath of fresh air!

If you are putting in 100% of the work, why shouldn’t you earn 100%? If you are thinking about joining my Denver office, let’s chat!

Matthew Adams

Worth Clark Realty

Managing Broker, Denver Colorado