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Will I have broker support?

Absolutely.  All of our brokers are available by phone, text, and email 7 days a week.  You’re not just supported by one broker, you’re supported by a full team.  You can reach out to our Agent Support team anytime by calling 1-800-991-6092 ext. 4.   We’re dedicated to supporting you and promoting your success; our brokers and agent support staff is the foundation of exactly that.

Can I negotiate commissions and fees with my clients?

Absolutely.  Today’s market has become increasingly competitive, and you’re free to negotiate the commissions, fees, and levels of service to win over a client.  No more having to tell them, “I’ll need to check with my Broker on that.”

Do you provide signs and other marketing material?

We sure do.  Upon joining Worth Clark Realty, we’ll provide you with signs for any listings you may be transferring over.  Within our office intranet you’ll have access to a library of marketing letters, postcards, logos and more for your marketing campaigns.  We also have negotiated prices with vendors that have numerous designs and options for signs, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and much more.

Do you have required sales meetings, and floor time?

Heck no.  We dislike meetings just as much as you do, and floor time is so 1990’s.

How do I receive my commissions?

We process all commission via ACH. The real question is, WHEN do I get my commission? WCR pays commissions same day that the funds are received from the title company, or the next business day. no more waiting. You can have the title company overnight us the check, or drop the check off to us yourself.

What does my transaction fee cover?

All agents receive the same great lead generating technology, transaction management system, other tools, training, and broker support. Our commission plan is not only the best commission-wise, but also provides the best value as we provide agents with more tools and technology than even the big box franchises.

Am I provided with an office?

No, and this is how we’re able to provide such fantastic commission splits, and technology to our agents.  Rather than spending money on overhead like a large fancy office, we’d prefer to give it back to you so you can spend as much of your hard earned commission as you wish.  With the technology and transaction management systems available today, agents have the flexibility to work from just about anywhere at anytime.

Where do I meet with clients?

Most agents meet with clients at the clients’ home, particularly if it’s a listing.  As far as buyers, you’ll meet with them at a property they’re interested in seeing.  When it comes time to writing an offer for your buyers, many agents meet clients at a neutral location such as coffee shop, at the home they’re writing an offer on (during a second showing) or simply complete the offer and submit it all electronically.  Closings typically happen at the title company.

Do you offer training?

You bet.  We offer one of the most extensive libraries of on demand videos and tutorials available, with over 200 video courses and over 400 training materials in all.  We also provide an agent mentorship programs for new licensees, or for sophomore agents looking to get to the next level.

Are there any franchise fees?

Nope.  There sure aren’t – no hidden fees.

Are you a HUD Certified Broker?

We sure are.  You can sell all the HUD properties you’d like.

Can I perform BPOs?

Absolutely. Not only can you provide them, but there is no split on Broker Price Opinions (BPO). You keep 100% of all fees you collect for performing them.

Can I provide property management services?

Yes. Worth Clark Realty is a full service Property Manager, and we are always looking for licensees with a background in leasing and property management wanting to take on new accounts.

How do I join Worth Clark Realty?

It’s easy. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to walk you through the process.  We can have agents transferred over, and up and running, usually within just one business day.

I hope you’ve found our FAQ helpful.  If you have any questions that haven’t been answered, don’t be shy.  Just ask, and we’ll give you a straight forward answer as quickly as possible.

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