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Agents Want Trust

The Chicago Real Estate market has always been fascinating to me. You can travel 20 minutes to a new town and see a totally different style of home. I started my career as a leasing agent and from the moment I got my leasing agent license, I knew I wanted to be a Managing Broker. After 4 years in the industry, Worth Clark Realty gave me my shot. What makes this position so unique is we have agents all over. We have agents that are working the rural area, and we have agents working the most populated parts of the city. One day you can hear from one of your agents on a vacant land worth 200k and the next helping one of our agents that is purchasing a million-dollar home. Every day is different.

In my role you get to meet someone new every day, someone different. I knew from the get go that I wanted to be a Managing Broker because I have always been a “team player”. In this role, I get to basically build “my team”. I get to help other agents succeed, and it’s a really cool feeling knowing you just helped that agent work through a problem. I have worked for some not so great Managing Brokers and I have worked for some great people. I have tried to take different pieces and learn from other MB’s to make it my own. One of the most frustrating things as an agent is a managing broker that doesn’t get back to you or doesn’t respond for a few days. At Worth Clark, we try and respond back to our agents as soon as possible. The wonderful thing about being so new to the Managing Broker role, is that I know the struggles agents go through. Some of the older MB’s in the business, haven’t been agents for many years. They don’t know what is going on out there besides hearing about it in a class or training. I know some of the struggles as an agent because I was going through the same thing not too long ago.

Agents in Chicago are simple for the most part. They don’t care how it gets done, they just want to see results. In this market, I feel agents want trust. If they can’t trust their managing broker, they won’t be at the brokerage too long. I always tell my agents that if I do not know the answer, I won’t just make up an answer if I don’t know it. I will let you know I don’t know and will get the answer for you. I think agents respect that.

The Chicago market is a market that I think Worth Clark will excel in. We have the tools in place to be successful, we just need the agents. This market is dominated by the bigger brands but there is no reason why a brokerage like ourselves can’t do very well. I tell agents I meet with all the time that we will have that bigger brokerage feel but with a family environment. Agents here want someone where they feel comfortable. There is no reason why Worth Clark cannot be a top brokerage in Chicago in the 5-10 years.

Justin Burau

Managing Broker, Chicago

Worth Clark Realty