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A Better Way

About Worth Clark Realty   Worth Clark Realty is the future of Real Estate.  My job is to let agents know about it, and I love it.  Maybe they haven’t heard of our way, maybe they just haven’t really listened, maybe they don’t want to listen.  I truly believe that if agents will really listen to what Worth Clark has to offer, they will have no choice but to join our fantastic team of high quality individuals. They will find that Worth Clark has a better path… a better way to succeed in real estate. That’s why I joined and why I will remain. I won’t/can’t settle for less when I know a better way is out there.  How can I or anyone else remain in the past when the path forward is so clear?

WCR gives agents what they truly, actually need. It’s what benefits the agent AND their clients, not just the broker. I love the “AHA” moment when Realtors come to this realization. It’s usually right around the time they realize they get to keep ALL of their commission, while not being required to have a tiny desk with a burdensome monthly fee. Yes, you really do get keep 100% of your commission! Some agents are even surprised to find out that they aren’t forced to listen to an hour-long sales meeting each week, but instead we post important information weekly on our office intranet for the agent to read when their schedule allows. Yes, welcome to Worth Clark Realty.  A better way.

Not only that, agents still get TONS of leading edge technology, access to 600+ incredibly helpful training videos, and a very easy to learn transaction system. This transaction system allows agents to see what documents they still need to upload through the system so the Broker can review them. Oh – did I miss a check mark on a document? No problem! Our awesome compliance department found it and just sent you an email to give you a heads up to fix it. It’s like always having a second set of eyes on your paperwork.  

So, you can’t get hold of your broker at 9:00 at night when you’re facing a multiple offer situation and just don’t know what to do? Not a problem at Worth Clark! Agents can give me a buzz and I’m happy to talk as we know that agent questions don’t usually pop up in the middle of the day on a Wednesday.  I also love to help agents grow their business. I love to watch that process of a newer or lower volume agent start to blossom into a highly successful one. Whatever I can do to help, I will do, whether that’s giving tips on how to get more business, how to handle a difficult situation, pointing agents to great resources, or whatever the agent needs.

Being able to be part the real estate renaissance at Worth Clark has been an absolute blessing to me and my family. I feel honored to be able to share that with my Kansas City colleagues. I look forward to helping each agent that decides to take the better way by conducting their business through Worth Clark.


Jake Riordan

Managing Broker, Kansas City